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Autumnal Thoughts, Your Idylls Now Sought…. Thirteen Kisses, Pastures New, You Ought…?

Wow, it’s been two years since this autumnal kiss…

AUTUMN – in chapters of love I – XIII


I the setting of the weakening sun, the rustling of the leaves, the dew upon the spi…

Source: Autumnal Thoughts, Your Idylls Now Sought…. Thirteen Kisses, Pastures New, You Ought…?

A Stairwell Romance…



Plastered walls with alabaster to appal
this site of solitude groans…
with age and abuse and multi-function use
tis the site of wild nightly moans…

Then through the slender window pane cracked
one flight up from the grounds of dismay
the sunlight shines on a siren in black
awaiting this dawn of the new day…

Waiting for silence in the stairwell above
single crimson rose held in velvet glove
thrust with lust and weeping love
timidity aroused from this sylph-like dove

She prays her prey will come to the scene
her last nights dreams so fully obscene
yet fantasy she wants to turn to reality
and so this wait in sullen locality
for the moment of magic to infuse
was confused but no more than a ruse
now to tempt to tease, to willingly please
to wantonly want, this passion not to cease

Silence a moment in passing time
reflecting on her soulful crime
resisting the option to run away
insisting self corruption is the only way

Heartbeat louder than the sound of steps
art recreating past memories swept
approaching the moment of mutual desire
tho’ he’s not aware of her blackened attire
graven yet tempting, lipstick fresh
ready to unveil, this veiled flesh…

Nearer and nearer and the fear now lost
face to face, but at what final cost?
then those lips press and ply
passion fashioned, unable to deny
this moment, this vision, this union
such majesty in total lust confusion
hands roam, breath is caught
feeling the feelings intimately sought…

Liquid and languid in momentary bliss
heaven scent with  a heavenly kiss
fluid interaction to mutual satisfaction
blown away by the frisson so frantic
this way to such inquisition romantic…

Then the sunlight fails
hands slip, slippery from the rails
this fumble now tumbles down the staircase
love turned into fatal malaise
rose thorns stab at heated hearts
though now they’ll never be apart
as death is enjoyed together
united, entwined forever…..



A Light In The Black…


009 (2)

The sun dies…

another day falls over the crimson edge
darkness descends lowly
the only light is the glistening blackness
of your blood seeping slowly
as your life departs from this being
death approaches all seeing
ready to dance on your grave…

captured in moonlit stillness
body enraptured in illness
pain explodes in spasmodic futility
your reign closes in chaotic humility
you are no longer the one…

stillness enhancing the moment approaching
no time left for regret or fear
willingness lost in dancing encroaching
memories lost in frozen tears
eyes close, the death-throws mingle
chest clatters and gurgles its last
palpitations slow to a tingle
all that came before is near past…

a final kiss is felt from warm lips
the finial to this post of existence
a peak so amiss, as svelt from the tips
of fingers tracing a route to repentance
clawing their way, lost mind led astray
the last grasp of life now so distant…

so as the final lifeblood drains
and that last breath stills the night
there comes a chilled refrain
as from this black is new light…
buried in a new dawn?

Come hither and be with me…

Italian Shoes…And Pressing Flesh Pleasures



I love the smell of leather in the morning

with the sun rising over sicilian hills

footprints heading for the vines

grape expectations as my glass overfills

faithful friend following at heel

crossing fields of scented treasure

lavender hedges and wild roses surreal

a landscape of beauty in which to leisure


these are dancing days

when you can dance allegretto

to timpani self crazed

and quickstep a little minuetto

without feeling fazed


reaching the grape to sate desire

crushed warm juices under leathered feet

flowing in the knowing

adagio to imagination so complete

this is the dance of summer replete


crimson exuberance lays below

leaving you with expectant tapping toes

and now the wait in mottled obscurity

from vines so fine comes bottled maturity


and then the true idyll is uncorked

poured with prescience and expectant talk

the result of years of pressing the italian leather

a glass of life, drunk in good company a pleasure!


A Fresher Perspective…


We all ride the tides of indecision

myopic in a single vision

insecurity inside

the waves we ride

flattened by everyday ways

becalmed, afraid what to say

our own visage so tight

unable to let in the light

of an opening, even re-opening

of the window

that would truly deeply show

see clarity in reality

sagacity above morality

opacity through totality

of belief in ones self

taken back off of the high shelf

where we left it…

deridden so hidden

unwanted, unbidden


at what cost?

to our own being, never all-seeing

but buried, untrusting and sad…

so shout!

let it out

rediscover the true you

regather friendships anew

strength in adversity

love through honesty

peace at one with thee


the fresh air, remove all despair

with scented senses assaulted

hurdles easily vaulted

leap for freedom, live for fun

be somebody, be your one

escape from the rape and defilement

of introspection, unnecessary silence

remember when you knew, who you were?

revitalise those feelings to stir

be selective, be elective

never again, without perspective

flourish and grow

as only you know…

Why, Why, Wise…


Why? is a question…
an unanswered confession
of something sought
with little thought
to an answer that may exist
and then only if
the question posed
is supposed
to to be there…
Who? is enquiring
or aspiring
to gain knowledge
as we forage
thru’ histories, mysteries
fables and rhymes
from the beginning of time
to the present
all correct, effervescent
a guiding light
to delights
ahead of us
and thus…
When? will it reveal
that is concealed
and hidden
from gaining true insight
giving respite
from the humdrum
as the heart drums
and beats new passion
for us to fashion
in time…
Where? we discover
new friends or a lover
to fill our heart
ne’er to part
holding hands
across distant lands
in a paradox
or an equinox
of a place
or clock-face
the inexhaustible quest
for one’s own bliss
Why is this?

Because wise words exist…

This Knight’s Capable Hands… #sedserio

This night, this Knight…

A light alights on your darker side
framing your beauty in a halo sublime
each curve rendered in a monochrome slide
captivatingly captured in time…
And that frozen moment leads me near
and the chill dissipates, as does my fear
I reach out to touch you gently at first
so wanting to quench my insatiable thirst
my fingers tingle as they mingle in your hair
so soft the tresses that tantalise there
I gently stroke down your slender neck
you murmur pleasurably at this effect
I hear your breathing increase in speed
you sharply whisper your desires and need
and as I roam across your nakedness
with hands and fingers of intimate caress
my lips follow the path just stroked
to the nape of your neck, intended to provoke
my hands fall to surround your succulent breasts
cupping their divinity in truculent sweetness
teasing your nipples to prominent peaks
leading the way for my teeth to seek
biting their stiffness with swiftness so sweet
one, then two, your bountiful treats
as as I gorge on your exquisite exclamations
my fingers stroll towards your hot moist sensation
I feel your heat before I get even close
I smell your body scent invading my nose
my tongue leaves it’s havens sadly at first
but slips gently towards quenching my thirst
my hands surrounds your glorious ass
pulling you close so my lips can clasp
over your honey, dripping with desire
feeling the heat from your fire
already filled with fingers of my capable hands
slipping deeply, drowning, as you writhe and expand
heavy breathes coming faster as you shudder and scream
begging for more…but then you awake from your dream…


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