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Barefoot In The Glen




Through silken grasses and fragrant heather

fresh morning dew between your toes

stepping gently ‘tween the sprung feathers

looking for that magic that only you know…


stepping gently, so not to crush

spring shoots arriving in the first flush

beauty in miniature, energising to grow

from seed and bulb, ‘neath bracken below

thru’ damp and muskiness

o’er hillock and green

chasing the faeries frae where ye have seen

them dancing between the fungi delight

edible full moon reflections under natural moonlight…


and as they frolic, and you join the dance

a swing and reel, side stepping, askance

joy to behold under peaceful skies

raising the passions, never denied

but all too short, or so it seems

fantasies and reality in everlasting dreams…


morning then calls wi’ the sound o’ the lark

blackbirds carouse the lifting of dark

songs to surround the gentle explosion

of new life in twinned emotions

moisture rises with the weak morn sun

peace and unity, nature as one


so as sunlight skims the valley floor

and darkness leaves the leaves once more

budding flowers reach to the light

ready to bathe us with total delight

and heavenly fragrance fills the air

how I wish, I was with you there

making daisy chains and drinking your dew

a vision of splendour, shared too by two….






I lay in silence, cool breeze to my head

on a warm green pasture, my favourite bed

I look to the skies, wonder and stare

entranced by the shapes evolving up there…

clouds come, clouds go, passing gloriously by

while I, down below, feel I’m afloat in the sky

shapes connect, then split

all three-dimensionally bold

so intricate, ever-changing

I want to reach out and hold

and tho’, I admit, I forget their names

they dance before me, displaying atmospheric games

from a wil-o-the wisp to a thunderous power

mackerel skies to an imminent shower

or hazy froth on a deep blue sky

all wonderful visions, I cannot deny

their beauty, their power, their ability to enhance

I will lie here for hours, totally intranced…

So, will you

Come lay with me?



Inspiration…is what you are to me…



Each word connects with different effects

each different person has a personal version

and writing this way, tho’ often for one

attracts another to join in the fun…

a single rhyme with infinite rhythm

a topic chosen for love or forgiven

one aimed to bring a little cheer

may leave another with silent tears…

rarely expected to appeal to all

often read by few if at all

but as long as one

finds something deepfelt within

then poetry continues

to be our worldwide secret sin…

as admission to liking

is rarely heard

and saying you write it

is clearly absurd

but if a line or two can connect

ponder a question, maybe raise intellect

or simply remove a nagging denial

by leaving behind, a warmfelt smile

then every word has been time well spent

and for that reason, I’ll never relent…..

Wet Dreams In Tidal Screams…



A flood flows from peaked extraction
tempered temperance in tortured refraction
as it glistens with fluid speculation
rippling with accrued sensual imagination
dipping and diving, slipping to survive
ripping then arriving, becoming alive
purple incandescence with deep blued hues
green with irrelevance of envy accused
foaming felicitudes of love and ire
screaming waves of intimate desire
just pounding the shore to be sure
surrounding the need for amour
a crashing crescendo, invigored ascent
to the peak from the trough, never relent
ride the waves with me, crave with me
intimate passion, just ours to fashion
to our needs, that bleed
to suck seed, to succeed, then read
in each ones eyes we survive
in each ones soul we’ve arrived
unabashed, we splash, our heated pool
unwrapped, still rapt, we play the fool
to fool around in the tides of the swim
with waters bursting as we confide our vim
entranced, enhanced by fluid expression
which leads us to, mutual love confession…


That stone you’ve thrown…drops
into the pool, simply plops
a subtle splash, momentary crash
to rippling ascension
without intervention
from anything…
thus it sings…
so the ring that flow from epicentral power
expand and sing, then grow to a glower
to spark the interest from circular readings
as would the lark of mirkular bleedings
enhance the advance of mental fluidity
askance from a revised true intimidity
entwined, confined, in trust
of our continuity, and fluidity, of lust
so the ripples expand…
as we unite in hand…


Drowning out the sound
of life’s own expectancy
the crashing crescendo of teeming water
abashing innuendo of teasing unaltered
from tempting touches that tingle so much
to pre-empting such as mingling a crotch
tight browsing then carousing
under the streaming flow
fluid lucidity, gleaming head to toe
that sentient blush, that amorous flush
a sensual flush, an expectant crush
closer with devotion, a poser of emotion
drowned in the flourish of lustful tide
crowned to be nourished, mounted to ride
on the rhythmic shooting of the falls
heated sin within, from bountiful balls
love from the depths to creaming delight
my waterfall, resplendent, flowing upright.


And thus from flourishing water now stilled
peace entrusted as love is fulfilled
suspense envelopes each letter written
silence drowns each debt of the smitten
we pool to pull
the tide of derision to anul
our heart is full
the ride of indecision to cull
stormy waters now becalmed of powers
what we sought without qualm is ours…


I drink at your fountains of living love
proffering the fuel in liquid lucidity
resplendent in dual explicity
they feed…

my need for the quenching
opalescence a drenching
of vibrant resolution
from intimate seclusion
wrapped, enrapt in this capture
momentary, a life lived in rapture

oh bliss…
these kisses I expend
never wanting to end
milk as silk to dress the soul
ribbons streamed to unfold
untying the tide of deprivation
tongue proud for salivation
song sung, allowed from a kiss?
to breathe, infuse the infusion
see the moistness, to use a collusion
of enervation in sensation
of entwined escalation
then the food of life will flow
as waters energise to grow
new life…..

now our yearns turn with the tides….
thus we flow and grow inside…

Fenced Sin…redux


I am fully surround
clasped and bound
within these mental fences…
I have no escape
tied and taped
with sin, each of the poetical senses…
my aromatic sensation now sawn
each lustful rose resplendent with thorns
to stab at my heart now torn
to die in defence
astride the fence
a crown of barbed-wire
cutting and cleaving
lost all believing
as my life-blood spills over
draining crimson over clover
thus I wain
never to live again…
unless your kiss so pure
such an aspirational cure
feeds my soul, beholden
reads my goals, be golden
as to lift from my slumber
in elegant controlled number
uplifting and free
from sifting the seeds
of a dream now sown
so I’m never alone…
and if your passion invigorates
my fuel is fed and rigour is spate
I live now to love and enthuse
I live now to forget the abuse
with my body rapt, my mind unwrapped
with you, without being fenced in
we now could begin to love sin
release the shackles and wires
open our deep burning fires
no longer just a game
we burn totally a-flame
and the embers remembered from this fire
will lead us to the way we each aspire…


Yet… Still the thrill of all that matters

To Tory Wets and right-wing mad-hatters

Is, themselves and their increasing wealth

Not, ever, the people they ‘represent’ nor truth e’er to tell

Thus, any party political self loving party broadcast conference

Is but a cussed elliptical of wealth hearty self-assed inference

But hey

The #Maybot still holds sway

E’en with a rasp

Of a throat

Still power she clasps

Her P45, sadly still remote…



Here I be
Swollen yet fatigued
So intrigued by your silence
Unless I speak
Yet we’ve seen past the obscene
Towards mutual thirst
Of shy reticence to pulsating eminence
This throb, we share
Bound by words, sensuality to compare
So, come closer, our devotion now bared
Skin on sin, to taste, no haste
Within, now out, let’s not waste
Lips press in pleasure, first kiss, we treasure
Unlocking all the rage, uncaged eventuality
Shocking in shivers, quivering expectancy will deliver
Now plucked, untethered, succulence be revered
Your moist recognition of our shared position
Come, foist… our bliss
For, one look into each others eyes
We adore, with fun to cook, smothered in sighs

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