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Summer Daze…

July 17, 2021


bathed in the rays 
of solitude unfazed
relaxing, the only taxing
of your mind is the crossword
no cross words expounded
lay back, laid back
in the garden, in peace
one down, with a frown
completed, now cease
rest the body, rest the mind
sunblessed invigoration undefined
maybe a tipple, as the ripple
of the pond or stream
water with your whisky
whisked away in a dream
chilled wine, so refined
birds singing, fragrance bringing
from the roses all around
scentsual bliss, nature’s kiss
as you lay on the ground
enjoying the rays
on a rare summers day… 


 sun rays erase
what is past
sun light delights
warming so fast
some are enjoying
summer days and nights
some scents are toying
summer daze, in the haze
of some summers new light…


 The heat of the day is past
blue skies tinted with red, so vast
not a cloud in the sky
beautiful evening ne’er denied
as the blackbird still sings
a heavenly voice that rings
from the trees, everyone to please…
the ending rays
from a glorious day
still enhance the eve
and solitude and peace
twixt man and beast
as on the grass I lay…
sunblessed, body caressed
now I leave here, lest
I fall asleep before
the night sky to adore…….  


Dawn breaks over azure skies
Bees buzz as birds fly
A gentle breeze freshens the air
Early morning stroll, without a care
Breakfast in the garden scent
Warm croissants, heaven sent
Fresh juice to invigorate
Coffee pot to caffeine sate
Sunday papers spread and read
Better here than laying in bed
Surrounded by fragrant cornucopia
Sat here in my own utopia…


Frae the heat o’ the afternoon, I expire…
warmed and sated, no breeze, I perspire
then shower, refreshed, ready for cooking
a feast of desire, just need a booking
with flavours to savour
in the evening sun
succulent juices ready to run
what source, a hot sauce – are you the one?
inflagrante, in flamed, I grant ye
whatever you desire, from the fragrant fire
that still lives within, for all my sins
a shout to get out, from this roundabout…
need to chill, need some thrills
feed me, bleed me, give me passion
for life, for love, whatever you fashion
from the heat of the day
my mind doth sway
side to side, please don’t deride
my confession, pure expression
of a lonely one, in the summer sun…..

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