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Into The Library of Yearning and Learning…

June 5, 2018



In The Library

Oh for the library of old

sweet silence and chilled so cold

high ceiling’d rooms

musty old tomes

an irrelevance of fashion

pure inventories of passion…

so many words to discover

idyllic beauty within a cover

turn a page, become sage

flick a picture, ‘tween the scriptures

of life never-ending

imagination all descending

sifting through, uplifting views

a novel or reference

all treated with true deference

to hold, to love, to treasure

words spill, heart filled, with pleasure

caressing a volume, intensely consumed

return again to be resumed

with the beauty of words

and not a sound to be heard

except intellectual collation

gasps of joy or frustration

filed with the need to read

filled with yearning for learning

fulfilled yet not sate

the stamped return date

emboldens, the books you’re holding

to treasure at leisure

spanned in your hands

that volume of expression

ideas or confession

many hours of reaction, satisfaction

sensations in relaxation

with a book

pages to turn

so look

and learn…..



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