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The Queen’s (secret) Speech…

December 25, 2017



god save our noble Queen

god save….

Philip! will you turn that dirge off!

I’m fed up of it, I could really hic-cough!

You know how it disturbs me

as Charles still tries to usurp me

and yet still that Diana surrounds

our family Daily – ‘Mailed’, words pitifully yet profound!

If they don’t like the weather

then they continually blether

about how her death was so desperately tragic

and every week it seems by absent magic

they resurrect her as an idol

tho’ she was always ‘suicidal’

and so that’s what we gave her

now they still try to save her

Oh Phillip! Why didn’t you sort it

so that no one could deny or court it

she just had to go

in that Harrods-ian show

yet she still lives in vermillion eyes

and millions still us, do despise…

So send her victorious

Ignoble and inglorious

God save us from the Queen…


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