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WOMEN OF TODAY…(part one of a never-ending splendid story…)

December 1, 2017




All your yesterdays were conservative

powdered, perfumed, as a preservative

nestles buffled, tight-bound, never ruffled

tightened to the waist, strapped without haste…

breathing so short as presented to the court

to be caught – hushed,blushed, in expiration

rouge cheeked, sweet desperation…


All our nows may be flirtation

all awe-showing, aural expectation

‘this is what I’ve got!’

‘does it make you hot?’


where once the intrigue

draw-strung fatigue

once the teasing

pure in-mind pleasing

a slip or a glance

furtively askance

of a cleavage or ankle

forbidden, now hidden

will such rankle

turn to exhuberance

blatant, flowing protuberance

of a sweet chest

fully blessed…


and yet the age has not woken

the flirt remains unspoken

using alternative signs

pro-creative designs

sauciness, sassiness

business, badinass

no more backward, more forward

scarily un-toward

your fight and your fire

inflamed with desire

creeps out…

and then with a shout

says…take me!

and…make me!


not in a dream

but now

I avow

to enjoy and retaliate

with whatever I can sate

for you, something new



the redress of the undress

spent in full zest, but ne’er blest

has been scorned and ripped

from bounteous breast then hips

which combined

easily defined

makes the lady of today

make wild and willing hay…


and tho’ more readily heard

then and now, thus thou….. is the word!

Are you modern and free?

Then please show all your hidden delights to me… 😉


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