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Our Unicorn Adorns…

June 8, 2017


Rays of dappled moonlight
dance through the forest trees
leaves rustle and sing within
held by the evening breeze…
and gliding ‘tween the ancient oaks
so silent I could’ve sworn
ploughed a vision of glimmering white
the mythical unicorn…
with mane of pure driven snow
and lionine flowing tail
it’s beauty ne’er to be surpassed
such to silence a gale…
a creature conceived by love
instead of human fears
a solitary bringer of goodness
from the darkness of tears…
and yet it can never rest
or been seen emerging
in daylight it would be hunted down
entrapped by the scent of a virgin…
in open air, pulled to the lair
and if fed from that poison bait
the unicorn’s spirallescent horn
can drain pain afore ’tis too late…
and if one day you may happen to sight
this glowing creature of night’s delight
remember this one simple request
never share the site of the unicorn nest…


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