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The X factory… #GE2017

June 5, 2017

…our indifference is pure deference to the
incumbant’s irrelevance as the opposition
supposition is positively negative, therefore
we care for, none of the above, so when push
comes to shove we say shove all the above. No
rhyme nor reason whatever the season is there
time to reason why crime is unceasing, and
ceasing to increase the deceasing security,
increasing the seizures of the scared
normality, leads to the process of voting
formality, when no one is worth their place
in principality, and principals are lost in
the mists of time and time is missed to
resurrect this land, as land is money and
wealth is built underhand, and the hand that
feeds no longer can reach, and those that
preach no longer can teach, and so with these
words I finally beseech, please ignore the
massed MSM missives and vote with your heart’s belief…





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