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Clueless In Carnage…

June 4, 2017

What is this inhumanity that grows from insanity?

Where fake naked religion kills in disbelief

Where verbal profanity from those who safely scribe in inanity

Rake through splintered bones and over our grief.

Where politicians faux grieve and pretend to believe and blindly pander

The true feelings of us, yet only when media faced

Yet still sell the weapons through a money-tree sieve of propaganda

They cut and slice our country into slices apace

As greed is cooked as good for the gander

Espouting faceless, thoughtless solemnitudes without grace

Devout in their Me, Me, Me meanderings from the real

We know we’re ‘governed’ by bought puppets

Of the arms, oil, tech and pharmaceutical greed

brains barren, barbarous barons all

Who incite the deadly isis and like-minded muppets to feed

On ignorance and promises and fake religious creed

To keep us in our place, faceless and silent

Out of fear for something e’en more violent

A state of ‘press red button’ oppression

As they feed on our force fed ignorance repression

You and I, flushed down the khazi

This country, this world, completely fugazi…











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