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Why, Why, Wise…

June 4, 2016


Why? is a question…
an unanswered confession
of something sought
with little thought
to an answer that may exist
and then only if
the question posed
is supposed
to to be there…
Who? is enquiring
or aspiring
to gain knowledge
as we forage
thru’ histories, mysteries
fables and rhymes
from the beginning of time
to the present
all correct, effervescent
a guiding light
to delights
ahead of us
and thus…
When? will it reveal
that is concealed
and hidden
from gaining true insight
giving respite
from the humdrum
as the heart drums
and beats new passion
for us to fashion
in time…
Where? we discover
new friends or a lover
to fill our heart
ne’er to part
holding hands
across distant lands
in a paradox
or an equinox
of a place
or clock-face
the inexhaustible quest
for one’s own bliss
Why is this?

Because wise words exist…


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  1. Fantastic! Good to see your words again!


  2. sgtcookieblog permalink

    Sunny Sunday afternoon and a poem like this to enjoy. The weather’s as good as the poem, thanks Bogfather.


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