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A Fresher Perspective…

June 4, 2016


We all ride the tides of indecision

myopic in a single vision

insecurity inside

the waves we ride

flattened by everyday ways

becalmed, afraid what to say

our own visage so tight

unable to let in the light

of an opening, even re-opening

of the window

that would truly deeply show

see clarity in reality

sagacity above morality

opacity through totality

of belief in ones self

taken back off of the high shelf

where we left it…

deridden so hidden

unwanted, unbidden


at what cost?

to our own being, never all-seeing

but buried, untrusting and sad…

so shout!

let it out

rediscover the true you

regather friendships anew

strength in adversity

love through honesty

peace at one with thee


the fresh air, remove all despair

with scented senses assaulted

hurdles easily vaulted

leap for freedom, live for fun

be somebody, be your one

escape from the rape and defilement

of introspection, unnecessary silence

remember when you knew, who you were?

revitalise those feelings to stir

be selective, be elective

never again, without perspective

flourish and grow

as only you know…


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  1. Brilliant! And subtly powerful 💫


  2. sgtcookieblog permalink

    Top marks again, thank you 🙂


    • If only you were female…. I’d fall for you. But as you’re not, I’d have you shot, alongside Sir Giles without wiles…. (nope, me neither…)


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