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This Knight’s Capable Hands… #sedserio

May 19, 2016

This night, this Knight…

A light alights on your darker side
framing your beauty in a halo sublime
each curve rendered in a monochrome slide
captivatingly captured in time…
And that frozen moment leads me near
and the chill dissipates, as does my fear
I reach out to touch you gently at first
so wanting to quench my insatiable thirst
my fingers tingle as they mingle in your hair
so soft the tresses that tantalise there
I gently stroke down your slender neck
you murmur pleasurably at this effect
I hear your breathing increase in speed
you sharply whisper your desires and need
and as I roam across your nakedness
with hands and fingers of intimate caress
my lips follow the path just stroked
to the nape of your neck, intended to provoke
my hands fall to surround your succulent breasts
cupping their divinity in truculent sweetness
teasing your nipples to prominent peaks
leading the way for my teeth to seek
biting their stiffness with swiftness so sweet
one, then two, your bountiful treats
as as I gorge on your exquisite exclamations
my fingers stroll towards your hot moist sensation
I feel your heat before I get even close
I smell your body scent invading my nose
my tongue leaves it’s havens sadly at first
but slips gently towards quenching my thirst
my hands surrounds your glorious ass
pulling you close so my lips can clasp
over your honey, dripping with desire
feeling the heat from your fire
already filled with fingers of my capable hands
slipping deeply, drowning, as you writhe and expand
heavy breathes coming faster as you shudder and scream
begging for more…but then you awake from your dream…



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  1. Exquisite! 🔥🔥


  2. Wow! Wonderful


  3. I need a body to touch along with a mind 😉


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