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The Stepping Stones of Life and Love… #sedserio

May 6, 2016


You burst…
from the waters of life
into this world of strife
innocent and naked, unable to walk
you crawl before you fall
everything you try makes you cry
pain or pleasure, can’t talk…


then understanding, you stand
at first with a guiding hand
tip-toeing, then showing, a glowing smile
formative and tentative, each hurdle a stile
crossed as each step, a stone is cast
across the river so vast
of life…


then comes the yearning for learning
with disappointment and enhancement
is it all really meant?
this time spent
under the battering of knowledge
from pre-school to college
examinations and frustrations
growth and private sensations
to grow, to know, yourself to flow
slipping then the slide
as mind and body opens wide
you fall, before the call
of subtle sea sounds
and see rebuttal rebounds
of intimate relations, teasing explorations
a tidal wave of hormonic symphonies
resounding in bombastic tympani
fumbling and tumbling to seek
the plug for the leak
of the dripping tap of time as it passes
short-sighted without glasses
blind to the world as it fatally unfurls
without you…


time then to step in positivity
throw away the negativity


from stone to stone
oceans to cross, never alone
ride the waves and implore
with love and life to explore
experience the challenge of seeing
then challenge the experience of being
so dip your toe in the water and exhale
the first breath of life cannot fail
cross that rippling stream
step by step to your dream…..


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  1. sgtcookieblog permalink

    The dripping tap of time…. More excellent stuff TheBogFather, thanks


  2. Thank you sgtcb!


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