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The Forbidden (fruit)

April 20, 2016


Through silken grasses and fragrant heather

fresh morning dew between your toes

stepping gently ‘tween the sprung feathers

looking for that magic that only you know…

stepping gently, so not to crush

spring shoots arriving in the first flush

beauty in miniature, energising to grow

from seed and bulb, ‘neath bracken below

thru’ damp and muskiness

o’er hillock and green

chasing the faeries frae where ye have seen

them dancing between the fungi delight

edible full moon reflections under natural moonlight…

and as they frolic, and you join the dance

a swing and reel, side stepping, askance

joy to behold under peaceful skies

raising the passions, never denied

but all too short, or so it seems

fantasies and reality in everlasting dreams…

morning then calls wi’ the sound o’ the lark

blackbirds carouse the lifting of dark

songs to surround the gentle explosion

of new life in twinned emotions

moisture rises with the weak morn sun

peace and unity, nature as one

so as sunlight skims the valley floor

and darkness leaves the leaves once more

budding flowers reach to the light

ready to bathe us with total delight

and heavenly fragrance fills the air

how I wish, I was with you there

making daisy chains and drinking the dew

a vision of splendour, shared too by two

I know you’d come once bidden

But we both know it’s still forbidden…



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  1. sgtcookieblog permalink

    ‘Like’ doesn’t do it justice. Beautiful piece of work. Many thanks Bogfather.


  2. So kind, so glad you enjoyed


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