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April 17, 2016


I am fully surround
clasped and bound
within these mental fences…
I have no escape
tied and taped
with sin, each of the poetical senses…
my aromatic sensation now sawn
each lustful rose resplendent with thorns
to stab at my heart now torn
to die in defence
astride the fence
a crown of barbed-wire
cutting and cleaving
lost all believing
as my life-blood spills over
draining crimson over clover
thus I wain
never to live again…
unless your kiss so pure
such an aspirational cure
feeds my soul, beholden
reads my goals, be golden
as to lift from my slumber
in elegant controlled number
uplifting and free
from sifting the seeds
of a dream now sown
so I’m never alone…
and if your passion invigorates
my fuel is fed and rigour is spate
I live now to love and enthuse
I live now to forget the abuse
with my body rapt, my mind unwrapped
with you, without being fenced in
we now could begin to love sin
release the shackles and wires
open our deep burning fires
no longer just a game
we burn totally a-flame
and the embers remembered from this fire
will lead us to the way we each aspire…


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  1. sgtcookieblog permalink

    More good stuff, Bogfather. A Gower like caress through the covers…


  2. Love this, so many great lines… ‘sifting the seeds of a dream now sown’. Nice one!


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