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Another Time, Another Place

March 22, 2016


I roam…
a thousand light years from home
into the depths of space…
not a race
not exploration
just free-fall, freewill
the thrill
the vastness apparent ahead
behind, all around
yet, no sound
but silence within a dream
never what it seems
beyond comprehension
a suspension
of time and reality
no finality
just beauty in a vision surreal
yet so real
of the cosmos
at a loss
to describe the enormity
the power, grace, unconformity
feeling lost
yet part of a whole
sensing wonder
but in control
gliding, riding, sliding
the overriding, sense of the inept
so I wept
and my solitary tear
joined millions out here
raining as a cloud
a cluster, calm but flustered
random points proud
designed and aligned
with a meaning still untold
promising heat, yet still cold
pure sensations of creation
from the depths of imagination
but one day…
another time, another place
I will roam…



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One Comment
  1. sgtcookieblog permalink

    That’s beautiful escapism, Bogfather. Many thanks.


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