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The almost moon….

December 23, 2015

Not a new one, but a favourite of mine…).



Prosaically it waits, laughing almost…
This almost moon that almost cost me my life,
glimpsing serenely through clotted-cloud cream edged,
clouding my thoughts rippled with graphite,
rings of desolation and despair – it follows,
me through my silent path casting,
omnipresent shadow crescents in well-fed shadows resplendent,
on foot-falls path,
it’s gone!
The glimmer of sun that held my day,
together, lost its battle, and dusk was but a fleeting whisper.
It’s dark! A fresh chill envelops the evening,
as night takes command,
night, deep and powerful in silence,
able to send a mood, a dream, a passion…
in sibilant evocation of memories…or just,
wrap you in distress, with rain,wind or cold to unfold…
it’ll never say, never ask, never tell…
So you wait (as do I)
longingly, lingeringly, desperately…
for a simple glimpse,
of our almost moon…
a friend, confidant, a lover to cover, or merely a reassuring presence,
to have you and to hold,
to keep you safe, ’til dawn states its case,
for letting our tomorrow come…
and as the hours pass in expectancy of
release from this dark place…
this apparition of our almost moon, tells me, tomorrow will come,
as will your love.



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