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December 10, 2015


The bees and the birds

rhythmic winging, spring-a-singing

natural songs to be heard

filling your garden with delight

from dawn to twilight

a hooting, a humming

vibrancy drumming

from the buzz of industry

to solos, seemingly, just for me

a blackbird sits at the peak of a fir

waiting for replies to vibrantly stir

a mate, a lover, a friend from afar

eloquent etudes, clarity unbarred

tempting it’s mate to join in the call

sweet sililoquy, heard by us all

and in the silence between messages

there be rustling in sprouting hedges

as then unity prevails

whilst the honey bee sails

past in a dither

seeking pollen here and hither

and a queen awaits

to be ever sate..



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