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Fear Not Love…

December 4, 2015

Fear not love
for love is all

Overcome fear by acceptance of that which gives truth
yet still lets excitement and individuality blossom without a net
built on foundations strong in each corner
yet existing in free-form adulation
sharing those moments of laughter and sadness
simple expressions of intimacy, unnoticed by others
unless you want them to hear the screams of joy
it is not a cage but a flight
two birds on a wing exploring what life can be
soaring over and under and into each new adventure
landing in close appreciation with coupled smiles
a journey into unknown pleasures
studded with exquisite events and silent reflection
it is not a bind that ties
rather a chance to view the beauty of love
with one you love and desire and truly care for
to walk simply hand-in-hand along country lanes
to stroll through sun-kissed lapping waves
to lay and stare at the stars
counting the moments until
another glorious kiss lands in your heart
eye-closing intimacy in a timeless zone
wild moments of reckless abandon shared with a knowing glint
listening to shared tales in cuddled relaxation
feeding the body, heart and soul as one
perhaps just one opportunity will arise
can you afford to miss what is there?
we may be but a microcosm of the universe
but the experience of true love lifts you higher
until the real fear is not having love at all…


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  1. Wow… this is amazing.


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