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…And When Skies…

December 1, 2015

Not new, but just for You…

And when skies collide in suicidal clouds
Rain pours in torrents, unrelenting shrouds
Of haematite daggers, staggered to kill
Wet death emporium, selling souls to thrill…

Lay with me and watch…?

Feel the moistness, upon and below
Surreal anointment, sizzle and glow
Burning issues on tissues soft
Yearning fissures, subtle touch, held aloft

Kiss me and see…?

A one touch of wonder in wandering palms
As such we plunder asunder, becalmed
Bewitched and besotten in sodden momentary felts
Switched on and aroused, unforgotten elementary melts

Seduce me, sensually…

Pleasures to treasure and guiltless in gilt
Feather me forever and spill lust as thou wilt
Flow and glow as succulence succeeds
Grow and groan in truculent thrust needs

Reduce me, to your intimacy…

Come hither, hips quiver and grip
Teasing, squeezing, your river flows over my tip
We flirt and ride, you squirt, a tide
Over me, as my fountain flows, we smile, you glow, *sighs*…

Bliss, an after caress?   just say …yes….



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