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The Spindle Girl – A faery romance

November 22, 2015

Orphaned and yet now bereaved
she still freshly sews and weaves…

In humble forest abode
through sunlit leaves a glowing
this beauteous waif strives
for a living with simple sewing…

her spindle turns
as she yearns
for seek’th the love of her life sewn
the shuttle wrings
as she sings
for a lover, she’ll become owned…

with flax and silk
her skills do milk
the admiration of all
yet she ponders
as in the forest she wanders
when will my prince call?

and if by chance
the Kings’ son doth elance
alone at her humble dwelling…
briefly sees her weaving skills
then leaves without buying such frills
but her heart is left-a-swelling…

her spindle goeth see
if her love will come back to see
then her shuttle carpets a web of truth…
a long lilified silken thread is sent
with rose heartfelt love to be spent
and follows her prince forsooth!

and as she waits
for her heart to elate
her needle redesigns her home…
with silken screens
and soft carpeted dreams
the prince returns from his roam…

and from the moment of this re-meet
sewed love becomes oh so complete
and for ever her spindle will turn
for the one she loves and ever yearns…




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