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Who FUNDsAMENTALschISM? – Islamophobia? (revisited) #Brussels

November 15, 2015

Are we afraid?
Of words that are forgotten
by those besotten
with its ‘writer’…

why are we scared
when compared
with a book
of writings
oblivion and love…

where do we fear
something near
or distant
in discord
with life and death…

who do we hate
for our fate
to be chosen by those
without prose
anarchic in vision
or blindness
in confession
a lesson
never learned
by the learn-ed
and fed
by reasons unfound in reality
’til the bomb explodes, totality
futility… fatalities…
who wins?
who sins?
who cares?…

but those who have lost
immeasurable cost
of life and existence
no repentance
never acceptance
of the light
which might
bring unity
conformity, but allow
singularity, so thou
may think for oneself
and that one
becomes some
becomes more
then all
without faith are we lost?
but religion has such cost
…it cannot be denied
…count the millions that died
for what
for why
for a prophets cry…
only words
to be heard
but faith is for ones own need
does not proffer a single seed
as life can but grow
from life that we sow
with debate, hate, desolate…

loving one another?
a smother
of reality
leading to finality…

and why?
do we cry?

the tears fall
at the call
of others…
brothers in humanity
or pure insanity?


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