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A Corner Afar…

October 9, 2015


From the gilt edged hillslope 
to the dew dampened dell 
I seek more than nature’s beauty 
of this island, so sweet, so swell… 

I roam deep in the meadows 
of green-swarded delight 
I stand in the shadows 
of the sun and moonlight 
tracing the path, just an aftermath 
pacing with wrath, musted mind, thoughts
collected reflections in shimmering lakes 
expected selection of simmering breaks 
the dawn arisen with scent infused vision 
forlorn frisson, soul spent free inhibitions 

then I spy you… 
lain, yet unslain in the corner afar 
perspiration falling, musky and scarred 
with the lust unspent, the need to relent 
and release with freedom of desire 
seeking the heat of lust inspired 

In my arms, in this dewy idyll 
we frolic, with so much love to spill 
and from our corner, seemingly afar 
we open the doors, last left just ajar 
in hope, in need, in passion extreme 
for our creed extant, no longer repentant 
we stoke the fires of our dreams… 



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