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The Ice Queen…

October 1, 2015

The Ice-Queen came

Her intentions plainly set

Wanting to dip her toes

Without getting wet

Her heart kept hidden

For so many years

In a cage of ice

Unmelted by tears.


She wanted pure lust

Without any strings

Nothing more

Than a wild fling

To sate curiosity

For one time only

For no other reason

She was not lonely.


She chose her target

A man of myriad verse

Who intrigued her mind

Could remove her curse

She’d seek his action

Without any emotional tie

Take her satisfaction

Leave him and fly.


She’d picked him out

After two years and more

For his words were wise

From afar she adored

Then one fateful day

She made her strike

Caught him by surprise

With her needs so alike.


He responded with imagination

Beyond her wildest dreams

Sent her into ecstasy

With his hands and cream

She gave in return

So many delights

Implanting herself

In his thoughts day and night.


The fantasy continued

And slowly it grew

Something was happening

That she’d never before knew

Her facade was melting

Her heart there for the taking

His words and actions

Were so real, no faking.


She opened her soul

To his every motion

They found a unity

In trust and devotion

And with every day

They shared so much

That she would melt

With just a single touch.


She made a decision

To which he delightedly said yes

She’d come to him soon

To share many a real caress

They’d do all the things

That their imagination had craved

Her heart was now taken

Her happiness now saved.


As days and nights passed

Shared emotions combined

Many thoughts now flowed

Through melted heart and mind

For now she was sure

Her calling from above

Had found a new reality

They were falling in love…



For my Jazz….I love you


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