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Feathers… of Delight

September 15, 2015

No feathers, no bird-flight
no quills, no write
no tickle or teasing delight…

As the eagle soars above heathered glens
shaded in shadows of sunlit resplend
seeking prey frae above misted shower
silent sagacity in free-form power…

Guilded opacity of purity white
gliding on water with epochal delight
the swan of elegance, power and grace
stalks the waters with beauty apace…

Blackbird calls on spring fed morn
spiders web glistens in dew dressed form
song-birds a flutter, feathers all ruff
tunes a-la-lune, each song off the cuff…

So from each bird of beauty described
a single quill collected and survived
to write the right to right my wrongs
from poetic passage to lyrical longs…

Dipped in ink to travel the mile
scripted to think and unravel a smile
pages of sage or nonsense as written
art of writing, ne’er been so smitten…

Then from the sharp to teasing with grace
A gentle awakening from shoulder to face
stroking then evoking sensation surreal
temptingly unrelenting, to tickled appeal…

Followed by strokes of sheer intensity
across your body fully flows so sensually
each tickle and caress now a moment of heat
a solitary feather leads to passion complete…



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