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A Springtime Stroll…

March 28, 2015

Wi’ a well-oiled fife, and the love of her life

barefoot amidsst the fragrant delights of spring

gentle background lute, fleetingly strummed to suit

dawn chorus leading her heart to sing…

a modern girl with a renaissance swirl

leading him by the hand

through rich green pasture

past your plantings of last year

gentle breeze leaving her fanned…

she sings a sweet song

interspersed, intertwined

with elegant fife notation…

leading him to the stream

with eyes all a gleam

in a dance of whirling rotation…

she plucks simple strings

her beauty framed with spring blooms

pure musicality all things

as the intensity of passion looms…

at the waters edge

bound by rush, reed and sedge

she lay the instruments down

then with a simple direction

towards his affection

she lays her love to the ground…

and tho’ the musical joy has ended

the music of love is no longer suspended

and there, beside the rushing stream

love envelops as if in a dream

and tho’ the birds may call from above

the only sounds that matter, are those of love

a unity in the natural world

amongst spring buds, all becomes unfurled…


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  1. Very nice. It’s time for an autumn stroll…that is if your in the U.S. 😉


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