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Solitude….. A Personal Etude

January 10, 2015


Ah, sweet peace, as the silence resonates
around my idyll, I will, enjoy this freedom
from the rushes and crashes, firecracker
ashes, that abound and surround every moment
in life…
In solitude I now rest, blessed in the
sanctuary of heaven sent calm, becalmed by
the nothingness of cooling balm,my own
ambrosia so sweet, this solitary visage
Alone yet in touch, as such, separated and
enervated by calmed expression, led gently to
personal confession, happy within – with or
without sin…
Colours flit in waves before me,
kalaedoscopic visions of soothing peace,
mixing twixt blurred edges far removing,
sense and sensibility, fully released…
Charmed yet becalmed in my own oasis
fully fed and watered, shaded from heat
memories strolling through canopied cover
single thoughts of a singular lover?
Now my mind is undressed and still, full yet
oblivious to others will, no wil’o’the wisp
passing moment in time, this time precurses this
approaching the time, so, be mine?
When that moment of two becomes one,
we’ll still be in solitude under crimson setting sun…


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