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Juicy Fruits and Recent Indecencies…..

November 17, 2014

Virtual Eventuality with Flavour to Savour

This Sir
Bastes you
In syrup warm
Glistening kisses
Each curve to adorn
Sweet elixirs shared and bared
Your honeydew, due for me
Flooding our lips shared
Herbs and spice
Verbally nice
Oiled to spoil
Our intimate vice
Come lick
Our shared slick
Deliverance be
Lavender me…..

Blood Lusting...

Shrill screams were heard
As his verve came to her in sync
She lay, bare to play
His poison became her ink
She saw his quill, amidst her feathers
So whether he spilled his lust forever
Was but one question of their shared confession
Until he sipped frae ‘tween her hips
Then, his soul became bound
Body-parts united in proudly pliant perversion profound
Into her mystery he kissed
Such as yet untouched, succulent bliss
So frank, in time
Her Frankenstein
But so more immoral he be
Her Dracula, his host
For her blood-letting Ghost…

Two…are we?

Loyalty, Frivolity, Sensuality…

I am loyalty personified
My heart ever sacrificed
To all my Queens, Wenches, Bitches and Desires
Who come lay by my side and aspire
Led, to this Master’s bed, whipped and scarred
Or accompanied to your tart’s boudoir
Sharing souls and holes whole
Caring for your obedient soul
Ever to reign in shared sin
In command, never reined in…..

Your poem of November Fall….

Winds twist
Ripping leaves from branches
Without e’en a leaving kissed
Skylight now adorns
Fragile wands shorn
Waving without smile
Waiving devoutness defiled
In eternal darkness
This stark elegy doth caress
Us, as we watch thru’ misted window pane
Together bedded to flourish til spring regains
From hirsute to a new suit
Of pure new life, budding shoots
Until then, we snuggle deep
Wrapped in rapture, captured we reap
All that we have sown so far
Now we remember, healing those scars…


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