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November 14, 2014

Train Kept A Rollin’…

Train, train…

sixteen coaches long

This train keeps a rolling

keeps a rolling all night long…

Sat here in first

quenching my thirst

in solitude and in peace

an over night ride

due to arrive

in exotic freedom release…

I’ve paid for this cabin plush

for peace and release from the rush

to relax and destroy

the recent past free from joy

thinking now of my twitter crush…

having fed and imbibed

on this oriental ride

I decide to retire

to my private escape treat

watch the night-time landscape

and then be rock’n’rolled to sleep…

I hear a scream

am I in a dream?

I hear rushed footsteps outside

A clattering of heels

as the night-train reels

around a mountainous ride

I rise and look

into the corridor shook

by the rattling of the rails beneath

I see a heavenly sight

by-pass my cabin tonight

with little worn underneath…

She turns and looks near

have I caused her more fear?

But no, she just needs a safe hand

I call to her loud

help her escape from the shroud

of her fright that threatened to expand…

She came into my cabin a shiver

her face white, her lips all a quiver

I took her hand

held her close, let her expand

on what has give her fright tonight…

She looked into my eyes

her own eyes blazoned wide

her warmth and beauty I fess

made me want her so much to caress…

She told me the tale

as we rattled o’er the rails

of her love who’d became her dread

I listened intently

as she glistened so sensually

in my arms, away from harm, she said..

‘Oh Sir, you’ve been brave

It’s true love I crave

and now I not know where to go..’

I took her gentle hand

and we did disband

to my cabin, in gas-lit glow…

I set her down

undid her gown

and gloried in her innocence

in no sense did I take

any advantage or make

improper suggestions at this

I lay her in my bed

told her to rest

As my own clothes I did divest

and then she reached for me

we kissed….

And the train kept a rollin’ – all night long….

A Journey Of Oriental Expression… (part one)

All aboard…
this overnight express
a slow ride
with time to confess…

I see you on the platform
as the steam engine readies
I watch your elegant form
my thoughts wild, your heels unsteady….

Your skirt flows
your stilettos clatter
on the steps you glow
nothing now else matters
than meeting you on this train
if I don’t, I’ll go insane…

I watch you
as you reach your compartment door
you sashay in
hips swing, luggaged with sin, I adore…

I wait as the train departs
my mind now derailed
the throb below, a beating heart
I must now know you, without fail…

I knock on your door as the train rattles on
you are alone, your mystique still shone
I ask you if you’d take tea with me
your wicked smile is returned, pleasantly
I take your hand and lead you to the dining car
tables of silk covered in silver unscarred

we take tea and pour
from more than our hearts
steam rising, implored
from mutual desires we impart

That glint in your eye
as the carriage rocks side to side
I take your hand in mine
as through a tunnel, we ride

‘Young lady’ – I say
as the train rattles the rails
‘would you care for a night-cap?’
in my cabin, set in florid sails
‘perhaps some champagne?’
to sate your nerves
‘let’s drink and toast -‘to us’
with signs of intense sensual verve…’


Travelling Roadhouse Blues…

I travel…
To unravel my mind
As it melts into soliloquy, so slowly profound
Escapism in schisms, surrounded in confusion
Home, now sewn distant is a discordant illusion
Where do I go?
To find the fine so lone infinitesimally sublime
To wind my fingers o’er your pure skin so fine
This caress from deep ‘tween your tresses
Such strokes to adore and evoke
Pleasure to treasure and thus we emote…
These reasons as darkening Autumnal seasons
Enrapture such travails of coming Wintered treason
Capturing the scales, of reason, of belief and lost-leaf need
No longer forever to linger nor scored finger to bleed
For what was once home
Long lost, now unknown
Can we find it anew and define it
As one, so no longer, we knew and grew alone
To gather together the fruits of the earth spilled
As it will become our travail, our will…

Desolation Railroad..


No escape in sight
no site to stay
I want away
this night
my dismay
Maybe I
can dismiss this mist
that revolves around my head
lost link to that kiss
now I’m here alone instead….


It was 3am
the rail-road corroded its’ place
in my heart
a cold faced coalface
where silent rumblings uncoached
no trains approached
stillness in Aberdonian despair
yet I was there…
Alone in my thoughts
stony placed in drizzled dreams
seeking the unsought
hazed in crazed paving
the way ahead unseen
crumbling rhetoric in historic past
no words to describe this peace
yet the thunder continued to cast
further clouds on my horizon…no release


Puddled reflections in moonlit overspill
muddled recollections that flit by at will
this wall now built between freedom and fate
unable to climb, yet is it too late?
To turn around this self-made mire
to reach out and touch, all that I aspire…


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