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Another Five From The Archives…

November 7, 2014


Forgive this intrusion
but there seems some confusion
over the question whether
the weather is an illusion
is it really raining on my parade
reining in my ever-glades
that lay outside my window pane
my pained expression of malaise
lays in puddles on the ground
ground-in dirt all over the floor
floor not flawless any more
any more of these grey clouds
will cloud my thoughts so forever
for never again to see the suns rays
raising hope of cheer some day
day becomes night not that you’d know
no end in sight to this unwelcome guest
I guess I’ve now answered my own question?

Sensual Pride

1. A prelude to a due…

May I have this dance?

and lead a merry whirl

through sensuous timesteps

with passion to unfurl

slow, slow, quick, quick, slow

the rhythm of love is to go with the flow

adagio, dulcissimo

intimo, libero

from subtle expression

to a crescendo of confession

lucidity in liquidity

the end undefined

sinuous sensitivity

with each beat in time

enwrapped in arms

enraptured in each other

enveloped in sin

captured and covered…

2. Toccare appassionato

As as the heat rises

imagination to the fore

increased variations

subtleties and more

dance with your fingers

linger with your tongue

carouse to arousal

two become one

in volume and vibration

increasing sensation

accelerando con brio

allegretto con calore

time in time

leaving you wanting more

a step to the left

a swing to the right

complete connectivity

performed to delight

3. Finale…

Learning and lessons

become unending sessions

a waltz to a rumba

jive to lambada

emotions at full height

sensory delight

head and heart all a spin

all created within

fermata, fuocoso

passion still flows

pride to discover

as one with a lover

in a sensual dance…

Mental Health!

Help Me!
let me lose these chains
that I wear in my head
free me from these pains
I don’t want to be dead…
or do I?

I sit here enclosed, opposed, in self
I don’t know when I last changed my clothing
it may be last night, last week, don’t care
all I think is that life’s so unfair…

I don’t want to be here
take me away from this fear
I’m repressed in depression
without reason or confession
yet you ask me to smile – so I do
even though I don’t know you
how could I when I don’t know me?

this manacle grips tighter
my head feeling lighter
yet I am free…it’s just me…

someone please lead me by the hand
tell me, make me well, to understand
pull me away from this blight
let me see some sort of light
and make sure my eyes are open
otherwise, I won’t be coping…
give me strength through your heart
I have one somewhere here too
I’m sure it’s got much to impart
but it’s buried deep with no clue…

these walls, now appal, but losing them
darkness within, sins to self-compare
self confusion, this delusion fulfils
my own lifeblood now threatens to spill
hold me…?

before I fall into the abyss of my minds own
sometimes I lie still, ready for the taking
to be used, abused, self confused
of this much I’m sure I have mused
Please show me the light
Pull me close and tight
Let me see what is right
Take me away from fright

Save me…

The Unicorn

Rays of dappled moonlight
dance through the forest trees
leaves rustle and sing within
held by the evening breeze…
and gliding ‘tween the ancient oaks
so silent I could’ve sworn
ploughed a vision of glimmering white
the mythical unicorn…
with mane of pure driven snow
and lionine flowing tail
it’s beauty ne’er to be surpassed
such to silence a gale…
a creature conceived by love
instead of human fears
a solitary bringer of goodness
from the darkness of tears…
and yet it can never rest
or been seen emerging
in daylight it would be hunted down
entrapped by the scent of a virgin…
in open air, pulled to the lair
and if fed from that poison bait
the unicorn’s spirallescent horn
can drain pain afore ’tis too late…
and if one day you may happen to sight
this glowing creature of night’s delight
remember this one simple request
never share the site of the unicorn nest…

A Gust Of Wind…

Morning stillness…

blessed with silent dawn

a new beginning

calm before the storm?

tranquility sanguine in sea green solemnity

early freshness of untainted morn

dew-drops glisten on budding emnities

from bud to petal of flowers new born…

a single beam of sunlight arises

rapacious in capacious new light

encompassing all poles in solar diversity

colours replendent in fragrant delight…

spiders drunk on emptied blue-bottles

in linked spun webs from stem to bloom

silence shattered by shattered shells

as frogs hunt the snails to consume…


a whisper of a wind calls upon the listening

rippling leaves as it leaves belief

a building crescendo of crisp rustling shivers

descends amongst the eclipse of the trees

by clouded skies filled with foreboding

as the storm gathers pace from afar

the whisper evolves into whistling anger

as wind and rain start to spar…

their internal fight spreads out of the ring

and savages through the idyll

battering blooms and silken connections

angry clouds throw heavy overspill

torrents of water drown the illusion

gusts make bust of the sculptured vision

flattened and fallowed, laid in confusion

nature’s beauty beaten by nature’s derision


the calm appears, the land is watered and fed

and new life will rise from those that are dead…


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