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Another Five From An Earlier Life…

November 2, 2014

Still Waiting…
The clock ticks…
behind a time
is a framework
in discipline and by lines
not enraptured
by movement or frisson
ne’er to listen
to freewill
as it would spill
over the edge of confusion
creating the delusion
to escape
mental rape?
of personal enhancement
or entrancement
by one
or more
with ideas that release
piecing the peace
felt within
is that a sin?
to deny or decry
a sole soul unfulfilled
unable to spill
the deepest requests
at the behest
of those who cannot decide
whether life’s ride
of ups and downs
tears and frown
cannot be free to choose
win or lose
in the variety restricted
by time.
or are we all clocked
minute-by-minute docked
of expression
is that the lesson?
by restrictions
and the fiction
that we are free to relate
pure love or hate
and in a second
it stops…


A View From The Veranda…
Sun setting over a vibrant sea

surf pounding to the shore with glee

streams of light glistening in crimson and gold

a vision of beauty to behold…

tidal connections, leaving reflections

rippling across the living reef

nature’s own vitality, a scene seen in reality

tempestuous beyond belief…

as each wave, waives its right to delight

to the next vibrant one in line

boiling and bubbling, toiling and troubling

on the surface seemingly so sublime…

this is the view, for me and you

as we sit stunned, open-mouthed and gander

silently still as the oceans power doth thrill

from our sunkissed seats on the veranda…

yet below the surface

of action and friction

lies sanguine stability

painted beauty depiction

where communal humility

and teeming futility

live together in fantasy homes…

and hunter and prey

frolic each day

darting and diving

innocence and conniving

natures friends and foes

in warm water floes

under the surface foams…

kaleidoscopic colours

camouflaged others

compete yet exist together…

and the sad thing we know

is that these reefs fail to grow

and that nothing, even beauty, is forever…

so with this sad contemplation

of human lifes denegration

of everything we see that is living…

one last thought to be shared

if only everyone cared

then nature would be much more giving…

and as the sun falls behind

the night sky now fully defined

with distant stars and full moon…

a cloudless sky overhead

we sit here and dread

that this moment will be over too soon…..

Why? is a question…
an unanswered confession
of something sought
with little thought
to an answer that may exist
and then only if
the question posed
is supposed
to to be there…
Who? is enquiring
or aspiring
to gain knowledge
as we forage
thru’ histories, mysteries
fables and rhymes
from the beginning of time
to the present
all correct, effervescent
a guiding light
to delights
ahead of us
and thus…
When? will it reveal
that is concealed
and hidden
from gaining true insight
giving respite
from the humdrum
as the heart drums
and beats new passion
for us to fashion
in time…
Where? we discover
new friends or a lover
to fill our heart
ne’er to part
holding hands
across distant lands
in a paradox
or an equinox
of a place
or clock-face
the inexhaustible quest
for one’s own bliss
Why is this?

A Fresh Perspective (for everyone)
We all ride the tides of indecision

myopic in a single vision

insecurity inside

the waves we ride

flattened by everyday ways

becalmed, afraid what to say

our own visage so tight

unable to let in the light

of an opening, even re-opening

of the window

that would truly deeply show

see clarity in reality

sagacity above morality

opacity through totality

of belief in ones self

taken back off of the high shelf

where we left it…

derision so hidden

unwanted, unbidden


at what cost?

to our own being, never all-seeing

but buried, untrusting and sad…

so shout!

let it out

rediscover the true you

regather friendships anew

strength in adversity

love through honesty

peace at one with thee


the fresh air, remove all despair

with scented senses assaulted

hurdles easily vaulted

leap for freedom, live for fun

be somebody, be your one

escape from the rape and defilement

of introspection, unnecessary silence

remember when you knew, who you were

revitalise those feelings to stir

be selective, be elective

never again, without perspective

flourish and grow

as only you know…?


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