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Hello, my Halloween Dreams…

October 31, 2014

A Visit From A Vampyre…
Mists rove across desolate fields
the air filled with vibrant electricity
the moonlight lost behind whispered cloud
shadows lost in solitude and selectivity…

wildly you roam, chill sweat to your brow
the heavy breath extant is solely your own
rolling images of self-imagined fear
for this feeling that is not alone…

as sombre clouds disperse unrefined appearing
across the hilltop profiled stark
a carriaged horse rattles on behind
glimpsed through distant lightning
and emblazoning the dark…

you stop, but heart-beats pound on
frozen in the moment of approach
stilled by the frisson fine
of the now silent coach…

the horse all a saliva
the carriage with no driver
invites you closer to see…
and without sense or fear
you draw closer near
you raise your arms out to reach…
the casket inside
has now opened wide
and a deep voice now to you doth beseech…

come hither and bless
let me caress
your heart and soul and mind
and you find you cannot speak
so you mesmerically follow so meek
the voice, so deep and kind…
and the myst now engulfs you
wraps its firm arms to surround you
and you are taken totally within…
you feel chilled rakish breathing
on your pure neck, now bequeathing
your lifeblood, your soul, to his sin…

and as his lust grows
and your blood eagerly flows
lit by natures resources…
you give yourself complete
blood tasting so sweet
and conjoin as one in dark forces…


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