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From Darkness to Delight

October 31, 2014

A Light In The Black…

The sun dies…

another day falls over the crimson edge
darkness descends lowly
the only light is the glistening blackness
of your blood seeping slowly
as your life departs from this being
death approaches all seeing
ready to dance on your grave…

captured in moonlit stillness
body enraptured in illness
pain explodes in spasmodic futility
your reign closes in chaotic humility
you are no longer the one…

stillness enhancing the moment approaching
no time left for regret or fear
willingness lost in dancing encroaching
memories lost in frozen tears
eyes close, the death-throws mingle
chest clatters and gurgles its last
palpitations slow to a tingle
all that came before is near past…

a final kiss is felt from warm lips
the finial to this post of existence
a peak so amiss, as svelt from the tips
of fingers tracing a route to repentance
clawing their way, lost mind led astray
the last grasp of life now so distant…

so as the final lifeblood drains
and that last breath stills the night
there comes a chilled refrain
as from this black is new light…
buried in a new dawn?

Come hither and be with me…


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