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A Dark Corner Collective Past…

October 25, 2014


I am fully surround
clasped and bound
within these metal fences…
I have no escape
tied and taped
with sin, each of the poetical senses…
my aromatic senses now sawn
each lustful rose resplendent with thorns
to stab at my heart now torn
to die in defence
astride the fence
a crown of barbed-wire
cutting and cleaving
lost all believing
as my life-blood spills over
draining crimson over clover
thus I wane
never to live again…
until your kiss so pure
such an aspirational cure
feeds my soul, beholden
reads my goals, be golden
as to lift from my slumber
in elegant controlled number
uplifting and free
from sifting the seeds
of a dream now sown
now I’m never alone…
and as your passion invigorates
my fuel is fed and rigor is spate
I live now to love and enthuse
I live now to forget the abuse
with my body rapt, my mind unwrapped
with you, without being fenced in
we now can begin to love sin
release the shackles and wires
open our deep burning fires
no longer just a game
we burn totally a-flame
and the embers remembered from the fire
will lead us to the way we each aspire…

The Black Umbrella (pt1 + 2)

You danced on my grave as the heavenly nails fell

with impudence on my belated shell

my final relief from earth’s own natural disbelief

stair-rods from the skies hammering at my demise in grief…

My only protection from natures warning

a solitary black hexagonal awning

held by fingers frozen in time

awaiting the sating to the divine…

The solitary floods of tears are from above

buried in a storm of unrequited love

drowning in sorrow felt for oneself

now in death as was in health…

Clouds dark as haematite, swirling above
filled with visions of long lost loves
captured in the moment of lightning strike
jagged perversion hits with voltage spike
filling the sky with momentary dread
giving life to that that is dead…

a wake then awake I rise
black umbrella hiding forboding skies
entrusted but encrusted in ancient soil
to bring forth new life to seek and embroil
in the arguments of time past and present
to seek the decree of life effervescent…

righting the wrongs of intricate pasts
bringing light to shadows banished at last
throwing away the shackles of once being
new life a glowing and now all seeing
from the depths of this grave I now can see
all things, all wisdom, sagely knowingly…
sun now evokes life to those who have chose
as the rain ceases, the umbrella can now close…

This world failing in its own deficiencies
falling down tumbledown avenues
of stressed exposure in hidden light
lost in the humdrum of…living?
rampant revenues of blind alley driving
once allies now hidden in hatred
feeding comatose depression
through purple patches to see weed assault
a saline drip of tedium exposed
a frail sip in drought ridden waters
of life now emptied in the waste
of haste too fractious for contemplation
in depths of crimson despair
floated above grey matters immaterial
sinking in the refuse refusal of reality
pure dirt in the sky of a single breath
saddled with the weight of wanton expectancy
to wait addled with black transparency
so we see nothing, await even less
to be blessed of frailty in solo confession
so once learnt, thus never is the lesson
to sow the seeds that in darkness fail
so to the greed that is beyond the pale
a sleight of hand leads to foresight lost
that might is now so weak so at what cost?
blind to the moment, deaf to the voice
touch repossessed with handcuffed choice
we taste less, hence we be tasteless
deprived of true senses one by one
now solitary and alone

I am the unquiet…
tho’ you won’t ever hear me
I cause you disquiet
that’s why you fear me
safety you may seek
from the havoc I wreak
unnoticed, now I shall start..

I am your darkest thoughts
that voice in your head
you’ve never sought
whispered with dread
giving silent instruction
to your self destruction
unbidden, now ripped apart…

I am your living nightmare
hounding you night and day
with no rhyme nor reason or care
pounding a rhythm with echo and delay
reverberating through your soul
draining your sallow whole
unplugged, lifebloods depart…

I am right next door to you
watching your madness take
through your window I can view
every agonising moment I make
you feel yet feel so surreal
so here’s my final demon’s deal
unlock your heart, to my art…

Opposing All Masters
I will not follow the sheep you drive
I won’t look away as you cheat and connive
I’ll never care for your flouted politic
all dressed up in bullshit, puke and sick
You do not rule me and never will
All that you deserve is your own self-served

My mind is mine own and only mine
each thought and memory is mine to define
every pain and pleasure is only for me
every vision of beauty is but mine to see
I hate you because I decided that way
and your lurid advertising will never sway
the power I have over mine own future
even if my decision will never suit you…

so leave me alone with my own loves of life
let me struggle and beat my way to survive
be you government or hidden global leader
parasite or partisan or sheer crap feeder
…I will never to you accord…
You now may kneel before me and applaud…


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