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Some more ‘old stuff’ to tease you into temptation…

October 19, 2014

…And when skies…

And when skies collide in suicidal clouds
Rain pours in torrents, unrelenting shrouds
Of haematite daggers, staggered to kill
Wet death emporium, selling souls to thrill…

Lay with me and watch…?

Feel the moistness, upon and below
Surreal anointment, sizzle and glow
Burning issues on tissues soft
Yearning fissures, subtle touch, held aloft

Kiss me and see…?

A one touch of wonder in wandering palms
As such we plunder asunder, becalmed
Bewitched and besotten in sodden momentary felts
Switched on and aroused, unforgotten elementary melts

Seduce me, sensually…

Pleasures to treasure and guiltless in gilt
Feather me forever and spill lust as thou wilt
Flow and glow as succulence succeeds
Grow and groan in truculent thrust needs

Reduce me, to your intimacy…

Come hither, hips quiver and grip
Teasing, squeezing, your river flows over my tip
We flirt and ride, you squirt, a tide
Over me, as my fountain flows, we smile, you glow, *sighs*…

Bliss, an after caress,…yes….

Familiar Trees
The mighty Oak roars
at the weeping willow
get out of my way
lay down on the mossy pillow
for I am the strength
in this forest land
and all sad trees
must now be banned…

The willow retorts
in her feathery way
that the oak is a bully
but here she will stay
to add to the beauty
of the summer skyline
with elegance and movement
and thus floutingly declined…

so the mighty oak thought
and considered the scene
and shook the willow sharply
leaving it weeping and green
but the willow was not beaten
and so began to make choke
by wrapping her lithe branches
around the old oak…

the oak was distressed
and so fell its acorns
and from each tough seed
a new oak was born
but these seedlings now understood
that harmony must forever rest
with everyone of the trees
in the depths of this forest blessed…



Torn… To Shreds
I bleed
for you
ripped to shreds
I bled
as you left…

every waking moment
of silence
the violence inside me
loathing my stupidity
now solitary
too late…?

pours from me
what intimacy
we had
now broken
evoking memories…

I shiver at losing you
my love now gone
so wrong
stripped bare
in the glare of stark reality
this finality
in total despair…

you died in my arms
now you have peace and calm
wait for me
we will have love
once more…


A Stairwell Romance…
Plastered walls with alabaster to appal
this site of solitude groans…
with age and abuse and multi-function use
tis the site of wild nightly moans…

Then through the slender window pane cracked
one flight up from the grounds of dismay
the sunlight shines on a siren in black
awaiting this dawn of the new day…

Waiting for silence in the stairwell above
single crimson rose held in velvet glove
thrust with lust and weeping love
timidity aroused from this sylph-like dove

She prays her prey will come to the scene
her last nights dreams so fully obscene
yet fantasy she wants to turn to reality
and so this wait in sullen locality
for the moment of magic to infuse
was confused but no more than a ruse
now to tempt to tease, to willingly please
to wantonly want, this passion not to cease

Silence a moment in passing time
reflecting on her soulful crime
resisting the option to run away
insisting self corruption is the only way

Heartbeat louder than the sound of steps
art recreating past memories swept
approaching the moment of mutual desire
tho’ he’s not aware of her blackened attire
graven yet tempting, lipstick fresh
ready to unveil, this veiled flesh…

Nearer and nearer and the fear now lost
face to face, but at what final cost?
then those lips press and ply
passion fashioned, unable to deny
this moment, this vision, this union
such majesty in total lust confusion
hands roam, breath is caught
feeling the feelings intimately sought…

Liquid and languid in momentary bliss
heaven scent with heavenly bliss
fluid interaction to mutual satisfaction
blown away by the frisson so frantic
this way to such exquistion romantic…

Then the sunlight fails
hands slip, slippery from the rails
this fumble now tumbles down the staircase
love turned into fatal malaise
rose thorns stab at heated hearts
though now they’ll never be apart
as death is enjoyed together
united, entwined forever…..


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