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Old stuff for your temptation…

August 19, 2014

The almost moon….

Prosaically it waits, laughing almost…
This almost moon that almost cost me my life,
glimpsing serenely through clotted-cloud cream edged,
clouding my thoughts rippled with graphite,
rings of desolation and despair – it follows,
me through my silent path casting,
omnipresent shadow crescents in well-fed shadows resplendent,
on foot-falls path,
it’s gone!
The glimmer of sun that held my day,
together, lost its battle, and dusk was but a fleeting whisper.
It’s dark! A fresh chill envelops the evening,
as night takes command,
night, deep and powerful in silence,
able to send a mood, a dream, a passion…
in sibilant evocation of memories…or just,
wrap you in distress, with rain,wind or cold to unfold…
it’ll never say, never ask, never tell…
So you wait (as do I)
longingly, lingeringly, desperately…
for a simple glimpse,
of our almost moon…
a friend, confidant, a lover to cover, or merely a reassuring presence,
to have you and to hold,
to keep you safe, ’til dawn states its case,
for letting our tomorrow come…
and as the hours pass in expectancy of
release from this dark place…
this apparition of our almost moon, tells me, tomorrow will come,
as will your love.




Doves Of Peace

a single, glistening feather
glides, slowly, sadly, to the ground…
it’s message to the world?
simple but deeply profound…

Was once a sole white dove
in freedom, in skies above
lonely in heart
a need to impart
some truth…
to the world below
that did not know
how the importance of life
without strife
without anger and pain
managed by the insane
could exist
through the mists
of time, of war
hatred, inbred, the poor
with pestilence
shock and awe
destruction an excuse, so pertuse
as not to recognise…as sane
life wanes…

and as I fly
I cry
for friendship, acceptance, to sing?
words, thoughts, of unity, without impunity
just a single need
for peace to succeed
ignorance is not bliss!

but with a kiss
companionship aligned
with two doves, two minds
thinking as one, of a kind
working together
to untether, the light
a release from darkness
until the next bullet hits…

and as that shell
into the heart of reason
the season
of greed, anger and ire
re-ignites the funeral pyre
and loneliness returns
a dying dove burns
leaving pride
for now or never
with just that solitary feather…..



Wet Dreams…Tidal Screams


A flood flows from peaked extraction
tempered temperance in tortured refraction
as it glistens with fluid speculation
rippling with accrued sensual imagination
dipping and diving, slipping to survive
ripping then arriving, becoming alive
purple incandescence with deep blued hues
green with irrelevance of envy accused
foaming felicitudes of love and ire
screaming waves of intimate desire
just pounding the shore to be sure
surrounding the need for amour
a crashing crescendo, invigored ascent
to the peak from the trough, never relent
ride the waves with me, crave with me
intimate passion, just ours to fashion
to our needs, that bleed
to suck seed, to succeed, then read
in each ones eyes we survive
in each ones soul we’ve arrived
unabashed, we splash, our heated pool
unwrapped, still rapt, we play the fool
to fool around in the tides of the swim
with waters bursting as we confide our vim
entranced, enhanced by fluid expression
which leads us to, mutual love confession…


That stone you’ve thrown…drops
into the pool, simply plops
a subtle splash, momentary crash
to rippling ascension
without intervention
from anything…
thus it sings…
so the ring that flow from epicentral power
expand and sing, then grow to a glower
to spark the interest from circular readings
as would the lark of mirkular bleedings
enhance the advance of mental fluidity
askance from a revised true intimidity
entwined, confined, in trust
of our continuity, and fluidity, of lust
so the ripples expand…
as we unite in hand…


Drowning out the sound
of life’s own expectancy
the crashing crescendo of teeming water
abashing innuendo of teasing unaltered
from tempting touches that tingle so much
to pre-empting such as mingling a crotch
tight browsing then carousing
under the streaming flow
fluid lucidity, gleaming head to toe
that sentient blush, that amorous flush
a sensual flush, an expectant crush
closer with devotion, a poser of emotion
drowned in the flourish of lustful tide
crowned to be nourished, mounted to ride
on the rhythmic shooting of the falls
heated sin within, from bountiful balls
love from the depths to creaming delight
my waterfall, resplendent, flowing upright.


And thus from flourishing water now stilled
peace entrusted as love is fulfilled
suspense envelopes each letter written
silence drowns each debt of the smitten
we pool to pull
the tide of derision to anul
our heart is full
the ride of indecision to cull
stormy waters now becalmed of powers
what we sought without qualm is ours…


I drink at your fountains of living love
proffering the fuel in liquid lucidity
resplendent in dual explicity
they feed…

my need for the quenching
opalescence a drenching
of vibrant resolution
from intimate seclusion
wrapped, enrapt in this capture
momentary, a life lived in rapture

oh bliss…
these kisses I expend
never wanting to end
milk as silk to dress the soul
ribbons streamed to unfold
untying the tide of deprivation
tongue proud for salivation
song sung, allowed from a kiss?
to breathe, infuse the infusion
see the moistness, to use a collusion
of enervation in sensation
of entwined escalation
then the food of life will flow
as waters energise to grow
new life…..

now our yearns turn with the tides….
thus we flow and grow inside…




NIBBLING…..(part one? – maybe…)

I pull you tight close to me

as I’m stood behind

lean into your neck

so perfumed and refined…

you feel my breath

getting ever near

my hands gently sweep

silken hair away from your ear…

I move closer

tongue towards your lobe

then very gently

mouth your aural globe…

so soft and pliant

you wriggle and sigh

I subtly nibble

and then hear you cry…

with passion and pleasure

sensations undefined

I nibble a little

you submit, curve your spine…

as if to implore

tho’ I barely hear

you want more

nibbling of your ear…

…and then my tongue and teeth wander…

gently where? …Do you wonder?


And as my tongue and teeth

slowly slide beneath

you quiver…

at your neck I concentrate

nibble here, lick there, to sate

you shiver…

so smooth and slim

and at a whim

I bite…

‘tween neck and shoulder

getting bolder

sheer delight…

from your necks’ nape

our eyes wide all agape

to the curves at the peak…

of shoulders taught but giving

skin alive and living

lower down, I seek…

trail of tongue delights

little nips, tender bites

hands yet to roam as well…

I turn you around

kiss your lips so profound

then watch your peaks as they swell…

tongue slides, teeth glide

towards proffered delights…?


Hesitantly, I

pleasantly eye

perfection before my eyes…

leaning in

excitement within

succulence I must try…

my lips surround

a hardened peak I’ve found

and then begin to nibble…

as they engorge

I must gorge

myself, you cannot quibble…

I could linger for hours

melting in your powers

but must head further down…

my tongue slides across

your silken sweat embossed

stomach and ribs and waist…

so smooth and warm

and now my hands swarm

all over you at a pace…

stroking and caressing

with your fervent blessing

I roam whever you please…

fingers and hands

whatever you’re demands

I worship at your knees…

and now from your feet

I nibble toes so sweet

and caress and kiss your calves

your minds all a quaking

your body is shaking

I never do things by halves…

over sensuous skin

and trembling within

all over you I now plunder…

and so as my tongue soothes

up thighs, so wonderfully smooth

are you beginning to wonder…?

where next I seek to adore?

perhaps we will need a part four?


As I gently but fervently, nibble and kiss

my way towards your heavenly bliss

savouring the flavours of moistness so near

tongue leading, teeth follow, making the way clear

for the final act of this erotic trip

you pull me closer and then my lips

reach the point of their desire

fruity, warm, pure liquid fire

my tongue teases, gently lapping

eyes now closed, mentally mapping

the route to the final glorious goal

from my tongue to the depths of your soul

the joyous climax to a journey now reached

yes, yes, yes, you scream and beseech

one last gasp of fragrant air

before I swallow you whole and bare

make me, take me, now! not maybe!…

Oh, how I love nibbling at Jelly Babies!!







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