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Lost souls… a comfort



We are all lost souls

in our own reality

and comfort seems a distant hand

where to touch a heart is disparate

from the moment…

finding the way

knowing what and when

to say

to reach out and touch

all that we need so much

and in the solitude of the moment

is the time…

to recollect and resolve, to be bold

to gather, grasp and behold

all that is proffered untold

but intimated behind a shy veil

of innocence, in a sense

hidden behind words that are meant to be said

covered in the words that we simply read

look behind the lines and find

the heart the beats

in time… with your own …

implicity in simplicity

so obvious but never seen

a deleted scene from the film of life

therefore, I implore

pick it up from the cutting room floor

relive the drama, find karma, find the one…




Sweet Peace…




Merry Dancers in this Fox’s Fire

011 (3)Meery


This Earth of Ours


Nutz… Oh Hazelnuts…

A Birds Eye View From A Squirrel’s Nest…
I’m sat here high up in my dray
the forest floor seems so far away
the nuts have fallen, rich food is calling
yet high above a storm is squalling
but I daren’t leave home just yet
cos I hate it when my tail gets wet!
But if I don’t, and I surely won’t
scramble down to the harvest below
my nuts will get stolen
some others gut will be swollen
and my stash will be empty, oh no!
So I quickly peek, dry route to seek
from here to harvest floor
I flit, twist and zip
missing almost every drip
until I can gather no more!
My dray is now full, and so is my belly
the rest of my stash
hid in an old smelly welly
but the nuts are dry
and now so am I
so I’ll just nestle back down
and watch the rest of the world drown
just keeping a wide open eye
for those pesky thieving magpies!

…And When Skies…




And when skies collide in suicidal clouds
Rain pours in torrents, unrelenting shrouds
Of haematite daggers, staggered to kill
Wet death emporium, selling souls to thrill…

Lay with me and watch…?

Feel the moistness, upon and below
Surreal anointment, sizzle and glow
Burning issues on tissues soft
Yearning fissures, subtle touch, held aloft

Kiss me and see…?

A one touch of wonder in wandering palms
As such we plunder asunder, becalmed
Bewitched and besotten in sodden momentary felts
Switched on and aroused, unforgotten elementary melts

Seduce me, sensually…

Pleasures to treasure and guiltless in gilt
Feather me forever and spill lust as thou wilt
Flow and glow as succulence succeeds
Grow and groan in truculent thrust needs

Reduce me, to your intimacy…

Come hither, hips quiver and grip
Teasing, squeezing, your river flows over my tip
We flirt and ride, you squirt, a tide
Over me, as my fountain flows, we smile, you glow, *sighs*…

Bliss, an after caress,…yes….

Our Dove Of Peace And Hope…




A single, glistening feather
glides, slowly, sadly, to the ground…
its message to the world?
simple but so deeply profound…

Was once a sole white dove
in freedom, in skies above
lonely in heart
a need to impart
some truth…
to the world below
that did not know
how the importance of life
without strife
without anger and pain
managed by the insane
could exist
through the mists
of time, of war
hatred, inbred, the poor
with pestilence
shock and awe
destruction an excuse, so pertuse
as not to be recognised …as sane
thus life wanes…

and as I fly
I cry
for friendship, acceptance, to sing?
words, thoughts, of unity, without impunity
just a single need
for peace to succeed
ignorance is not bliss!

but with one kiss
companionship aligned
with two doves, two minds
thinking as one, of a kind
working together
to untether, the light
a release from darkness
until the next bullet hits…

and as that shell
into the heart of reason
the season
of greed, anger and ire
re-ignites the funeral pyre
and loneliness returns
a dying dove burns
leaving pride
for now or never
with just that solitary feather…..


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