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Our Unicorn Adorns…


Rays of dappled moonlight
dance through the forest trees
leaves rustle and sing within
held by the evening breeze…
and gliding ‘tween the ancient oaks
so silent I could’ve sworn
ploughed a vision of glimmering white
the mythical unicorn…
with mane of pure driven snow
and lionine flowing tail
it’s beauty ne’er to be surpassed
such to silence a gale…
a creature conceived by love
instead of human fears
a solitary bringer of goodness
from the darkness of tears…
and yet it can never rest
or been seen emerging
in daylight it would be hunted down
entrapped by the scent of a virgin…
in open air, pulled to the lair
and if fed from that poison bait
the unicorn’s spirallescent horn
can drain pain afore ’tis too late…
and if one day you may happen to sight
this glowing creature of night’s delight
remember this one simple request
never share the site of the unicorn nest…

The X factory… #GE2017

…our indifference is pure deference to the
incumbant’s irrelevance as the opposition
supposition is positively negative, therefore
we care for, none of the above, so when push
comes to shove we say shove all the above. No
rhyme nor reason whatever the season is there
time to reason why crime is unceasing, and
ceasing to increase the deceasing security,
increasing the seizures of the scared
normality, leads to the process of voting
formality, when no one is worth their place
in principality, and principals are lost in
the mists of time and time is missed to
resurrect this land, as land is money and
wealth is built underhand, and the hand that
feeds no longer can reach, and those that
preach no longer can teach, and so with these
words I finally beseech, please ignore the
massed MSM missives and vote with your heart’s belief…




Clueless In Carnage…

What is this inhumanity that grows from insanity?

Where fake naked religion kills in disbelief

Where verbal profanity from those who safely scribe in inanity

Rake through splintered bones and over our grief.

Where politicians faux grieve and pretend to believe and blindly pander

The true feelings of us, yet only when media faced

Yet still sell the weapons through a money-tree sieve of propaganda

They cut and slice our country into slices apace

As greed is cooked as good for the gander

Espouting faceless, thoughtless solemnitudes without grace

Devout in their Me, Me, Me meanderings from the real

We know we’re ‘governed’ by bought puppets

Of the arms, oil, tech and pharmaceutical greed

brains barren, barbarous barons all

Who incite the deadly isis and like-minded muppets to feed

On ignorance and promises and fake religious creed

To keep us in our place, faceless and silent

Out of fear for something e’en more violent

A state of ‘press red button’ oppression

As they feed on our force fed ignorance repression

You and I, flushed down the khazi

This country, this world, completely fugazi…










A Sin Not To Be A Sonnet…


So when is a sonnet not what it seems?
Fourteen lines counted across centuries past
Scrambled eggs in one basket of dreams
Scripted divine, surmounting those iconoclast

Rhyming in rhythms so we are told
Nine left now bereft of a pseudo story
Defining the schisms of sown rules old
A line out of place stressed in poetic glory

Six lines now, is all I’m allowed
Affixing conflicting beliefs that crowd
My delivered eloquence to all of you
Stilted in quilted soft tissue couture
Shaking my spear, too much to endure
At least it’s more relevant than appalling Haiku.


A Tribute to Sir Giles…and now, the Empty Suit (redux)

Source: A Tribute to Sir Giles…and now, the Empty Suit (redux)

Bite Me, Delight You?


NIBBLING…..(part one? – maybe…)

I pull you tight close to me

as I’m stood behind

lean into your neck

so perfumed and refined…

you feel my breath

getting ever near

my hands gently sweep

silken hair away from your ear…

I move closer

tongue towards your lobe

then very gently

mouth your aural globe…

so soft and pliant

you wriggle and sigh

I subtly nibble

and then hear you cry…

with passion and pleasure

sensations undefined

I nibble a little

you submit, curve your spine…

as if to implore

tho’ I barely hear

you want more

nibbling of your ear…

…and then my tongue and teeth wander…

gently where? …Do you wonder?


And as my tongue and teeth

slowly slide beneath

you quiver…

at your neck I concentrate

nibble here, lick there, to sate

you shiver…

so smooth and slim

and at a whim

I bite…

‘tween neck and shoulder

getting bolder

sheer delight…

from your necks’ nape

our eyes wide all agape

to the curves at the peak…

of shoulders taught but giving

skin alive and living

lower down, I seek…

trail of tongue delights

little nips, tender bites

hands yet to roam as well…

I turn you around

kiss your lips so profound

then watch your peaks as they swell…

tongue slides, teeth glide

towards proffered delights…?


Hesitantly, I

pleasantly eye

perfection before my eyes…

leaning in

excitement within

succulence I must try…

my lips surround

a hardened peak I’ve found

and then begin to nibble…

as they engorge

I must gorge

myself, you cannot quibble…

I could linger for hours

melting in your powers

but must head further down…

my tongue slides across

your silken sweat embossed

stomach and ribs and waist…

so smooth and warm

and now my hands swarm

all over you at a pace…

stroking and caressing

with your fervent blessing

I roam whever you please…

fingers and hands

whatever you’re demands

I worship at your knees…

and now from your feet

I nibble toes so sweet

and caress and kiss your calves

your minds all a quaking

your body is shaking

I never do things by halves…

over sensuous skin

and trembling within

all over you I now plunder…

and so as my tongue soothes

up thighs, so wonderfully smooth

are you beginning to wonder…?

where next I seek to adore?

perhaps we will need a part four?


As I gently but fervently, nibble and kiss

my way towards your heavenly bliss

savouring the flavours of moistness so near

tongue leading, teeth follow, making the way clear

for the final act of this erotic trip

you pull me closer and then my lips

reach the point of their desire

fruity, warm, pure liquid fire

my tongue teases, gently lapping

eyes now closed, mentally mapping

the route to the final glorious goal

from my tongue to the depths of your soul

the joyous climax to a journey now reached

yes, yes, yes, you scream and beseech

one last gasp of fragrant air

before I swallow you whole and bare

make me, take me, now! not maybe!…

Oh, how I love nibbling at Jelly Babies!!

My Sunny Bee…


The bees and the birds

rhythmic winging, spring-a-singing

natural songs to be heard

filling your garden with delight

from dawn to twilight

a hooting, a humming

vibrancy drumming

from the buzz of industry

to solos, seemingly, just for me

a blackbird sits at the peak of a fir

waiting for replies to vibrantly stir

a mate, a lover, a friend from afar

eloquent etudes, clarity unbarred

tempting it’s mate to join in the call

sweet sililoquy, heard by us all

and in the silence between messages

there be rustling in sprouting hedges

as then unity prevails

whilst the honey bee sails

past in a dither

seeking pollen here and hither

as my queen awaits

to be ever sate…


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