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Dancing Girl With Guitar…


When she wakes in the morning

puts on her skirt and smiles

just another day dawning

another lil’ ‘ol song to compile

but when she straps that guitar on

strikes a chord to begin

the whole world lights up

and she begins to sing

with the voice of an angel

fingers rhythmic in time

words flowing freely

just a simple blues rhyme


her hips get to shaking

whole body is quaking

as she then pipes out a lead

harmonica wailing

legs and arms flailing

sweet music with no notes to read

she got poetry in motion

she got passion and soul

she got blues in devotion

and a little rock’n’roll

a tune with great feeling

has just come from her heart

truly soul healing

still much more to impart

then it comes to a crescendo

of sensuous power

she dances and delivers

for many an hour

she’s so exhausted, too elated

she drops down to the floor

she’s smiling and sated

I, ger audience, cry out for more!

The Spiral Staircase…

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I look up, then look down…
from halfway, I must frown,
with the choices in front or behind,
what will I find?
above may be the answer
below may be the question,
a suggestion…?
to point the direction
that life may take
so decide…..
is this ride?
too comfortable or undermining,
thoughts become entwining,
in the confusion
or delusion
or life as I see…
so where do I go?
to show
and grow,
with feelings to share
with love and care,
for someone…
Or it it easier to stay,
just half way
and not to hurt, or seem curt,
and withold in the fashion,
of curtailing the passion
that exists, in the mists
of time…
too long to think
no time to choose
or muse,
that the end cannot be seen,
or has it ever been?
a simple choice to make
for ones own hearts sake
to find the way, to say,
to unfurl this winding way…
and unlock the door,
to see if there’s more,
to share, til my dying day

Doves Of Peace…


a single, glistening feather
glides, slowly, sadly, to the ground…
it’s message to the world?
simple but deeply profound…

Was once a sole white dove
in freedom, in skies above
lonely in heart
a need to impart
some truth…
to the world below
that did not know
how the importance of life
without strife
without anger and pain
managed by the insane
could exist
through the mists
of time, of war
hatred, inbred, the poor
with pestilence
shock and awe
destruction an excuse, so pertuse
as not to recognised…as sane
life wanes…

and as I fly
I cry
for friendship, acceptance, to sing?
words, thoughts, of unity, without impunity
just a single need
for peace to succeed
ignorance is not bliss!

but with a kiss
companionship aligned
with two doves, two minds
thinking as one, of a kind
working together
to untether, the light
a release from darkness
until the next bullet hits…

and as that shell
into the heart of reason
the season
of greed, anger and ire
re-ignites the funeral pyre
and loneliness returns
a dying dove burns
leaving pride
for now or never
with just that solitary feather…..


NIBBLING…..(part one? – maybe…)

I pull you tight close to me

as I’m stood behind

lean into your neck

so perfumed and refined…

you feel my breath

getting ever near

my hands gently sweep 

silken hair away from your ear…

I move closer

tongue towards your lobe

then very gently

mouth your aural globe…

so soft and pliant

you wriggle and sigh

I subtly nibble

and then hear you cry…

with passion and pleasure

sensations undefined

I nibble a little

you submit, curve your spine…

as if to implore

tho’ I barely hear

you want more

nibbling of your ear…

…and then my tongue and  teeth wander…

gently where? …Do you wonder? 



And as my tongue and teeth

slowly slide beneath

you quiver…

at your neck I concentrate

nibble here, lick there, to sate

you shiver…

so smooth and slim

and at a whim

I bite…

‘tween neck and shoulder

getting bolder

sheer delight…

from your necks’ nape

our eyes wide all agape

to the curves at the peak…

of shoulders taught but giving

skin alive and living

lower down, I seek…

trail of tongue delights

little nips, tender bites 

hands yet to roam as well…

I turn you around

kiss your lips so profound

then watch your peaks as they swell…

tongue slides, teeth glide

towards proffered delights…?


Hesitantly, I

pleasantly eye

perfection before my eyes…

leaning in

excitement within

succulence I must try…

my lips surround

a hardened peak I’ve found

and then begin to nibble…

as they engorge

I must gorge

myself, you cannot quibble…

I could linger for hours

melting in your powers

but must head further down…

my tongue slides across

your silken sweat embossed

stomach and ribs and waist…

so smooth and warm

and now my hands swarm

all over you at a pace…

stroking and caressing

with your fervent blessing

I roam wherever you please…

fingers and hands

whatever you’re demands

I worship at your knees…

and now from your feet

I nibble toes so sweet

and caress and kiss your calves

your minds all a quaking

your body is shaking

I never do things by halves…

over sensuous skin

and trembling within

all over you I now plunder…

and so as my tongue soothes

up thighs, so wonderfully smooth

are you beginning to wonder…?

where next I seek to adore?

perhaps we will need a part four?


As I gently but fervently, nibble and kiss

my way towards your heavenly bliss

savouring the flavours of moistness so near

tongue leading, teeth follow, making the way clear

for the final act of this erotic trip

you pull me closer and then my lips

reach the point of their desire

fruity, warm, pure liquid fire

my tongue teases, gently lapping

eyes now closed, mentally mapping

the route to the final glorious goal

from my tongue to the depths of your soul

the joyous climax to a journey now reached

yes, yes, yes, you scream and beseech

one last gasp of fragrant air

before I swallow you whole and bare

make me, take me, now! not maybe!…

Oh, how I love nibbling at Jelly Babies!!! 


How much truth do we see
In what we are told
Do you believe
Everything you’re sold?
Is your imagination
By what you see or hear
Delivering fear
So that meanings
Personal leanings
Are ignored
Merely stored
In the depths of a mind
Unable to find
A reason to be
With ideals so free
But ignominy
And refracts
From reality and policy
A fallacy or phallusy
On the out….come
When expression fails
Is curtailed
By rules, set by fools
Left with tools
And the inability
To provide stability
For anyone
Without sun
Or sense
To propense
Ne’er frighten
As true a leader
Becomes the feeder
To follow
However hollow
And in that description
Our lives become fiction
Follow the spiel
It’s real
And then fully doped
Life without hope…


when nightfall creeps
slowly, depriving sleep
and the hours
with power
of the clock
fail to unlock
the freedom of rest
to divest
as the length
of days change
the mind
being unkind
and with dreams
madness may descend
reality and reason
in this season
of deprivation and starvation
of peace
an etude to create
a symphony
of sounds that resonate
leaving hate
to debate
in frustration and tears
darkening fears
and wishing for
days, when more
light shows when it should
brightness that could
then pitch
towards the extreme
darkness – serene
and sleep may follow
and swallow
the pain, gained
from sadness
turning to gladness
at an equilibrium of the role
salvation of the soul
the sole
redeemer as sleep
envelops then invigorates
satisfies and sates
our need for rest
delivering zest
for the next day
as the pendulum sways…

Flamin’…Hey! (stacked)

She ignites fires in many a heart
While dousing those that others start
She delights and enrages with her words and wiles
Arousing prose deep, with wicked smiles
Her flame that surrounds and doth encase
A face full of intrigue, delight and grace
A mind filled with desires, strength and will
A body that entices, full of spice to thrill
A heart so open, yet hidden with a little fear
For it’s been too often broken, wants love and cheer
I’d offer myself to sate her needs full with verve
But know I’d fail to create all that she deserves
It may be just a matter of miles or my having no money
Or perhaps I’d just not be enough, sentient, raving or funny
Maybe my age, my disability, my words, my wish
To say, assuage, with humility preferred, her bliss
Deserves one, to love, laugh and linger long delighting
With her, a mermaid, a muse, a mother, and her fire-fighting
If only our paths had crossed before
A flamin’ haystack, i so adore…

A Visit From This Vampyre…

Mists rove across desolate fields
the air filled with vibrant electricity
the moonlight frost behind whispered cloud
shadows lost in solitude and selectivity…

wildly you roam, chill sweat to your brow
the heavy breath extant is solely your own
rolling images of self-imagined fear
for this feeling that is not alone…

as sombre clouds disperse unrefined appearing
across the hilltop profiled stark
a carriaged horse rattles on behind
glimpsed through distant lightning
and emblazoning the dark…

you stop, but heartbeats pound on
frozen in the moment of approach
stilled by the frisson fine
of the now silent coach…

the horse all a saliva
the carriage with no driver
invites you closer to see…
and without sense or fear
you draw closer near
you raise your arms out to reach…
the casket inside
has now opened wide
and a deep voice now to you doth beseech…

come hither and bless
let me caress
your heart and soul and mind
and you find you cannot speak
so you mesmerically follow so meek
the voice, so deep and kind…
and the myst now engulfs you
wraps its firm arms to surround you
and you are taken totally within…
you feel chilled rakish breathing
on your pure neck, now bequeathing
your lifeblood, your soul, to his sin…

and as his lust grows
and your blood eagerly flows
lit by natures resources…
you give yourself complete
blood tasting so sweet
and conjoin as one in dark forces…



I am fully surround
clasped and bound
within these metal fences…
I have no escape
tied and taped
with sin, each of the poetical senses…
my aromatic senses now sawn
each lustful rose resplendent with thorns
to stab at my heart now torn
to die in defence
astride the fence
a crown of barbed-wire
cutting and cleaving
lost all believing
as my life-blood spills over
draining crimson over clover
thus I wane
never to live again…
until your kiss so pure
such an aspirational cure
feeds my soul, beholden
reads my goals, be golden
as to lift from my slumber
in elegant controlled number
uplifting and free
from sifting the seeds
of a dream now sown
now I’m never alone…
and as your passion invigorates
my fuel is fed and rigor is spate
I live now to love and enthuse
I live now to forget the abuse
with my body rapt, my mind unwrapped
with you, without being fenced in
we now can begin to love sin
release the shackles and wires
open our deep burning fires
no longer just a game
we burn totally a-flame
and the embers remembered from the fire
will lead us to the way we each aspire…

The Ice Queen…

The Ice-Queen came

Her intentions plainly set

Wanting to dip her toes

Without getting wet

Her heart kept hidden

For so many years

In a cage of ice

Unmelted by tears.


She wanted pure lust

Without any strings

Nothing more

Than a wild fling

To sate curiosity

For one time only

For no other reason

She was not lonely.


She chose her target

A man of myriad verse

Who intrigued her mind

Could remove her curse

She’d seek his action

Without any emotional tie

Take her satisfaction

Leave him and fly.


She’d picked him out

After two years and more

For his words were wise

From afar she adored

Then one fateful day

She made her strike

Caught him by surprise

With her needs so alike.


He responded with imagination

Beyond her wildest dreams

Sent her into ecstasy

With his hands and cream

She gave in return

So many delights

Implanting herself

In his thoughts day and night.


The fantasy continued

And slowly it grew

Something was happening

That she’d never before knew

Her facade was melting

Her heart there for the taking

His words and actions

Were so real, no faking.


She opened her soul

To his every motion

They found a unity

In trust and devotion

And with every day

They shared so much

That she would melt

With just a single touch.


She made a decision

To which he delightedly said yes

She’d come to him soon

To share many a real caress

They’d do all the things

That their imagination had craved

Her heart was now taken

Her happiness now saved.


As days and nights passed

Shared emotions combined

Many thoughts now flowed

Through melted heart and mind

For now she was sure

Her calling from above

Had found a new reality

They were falling in love…

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