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Familiar Trees…

009 (2)

The mighty Oak roars
at the weeping willow
get out of my way
lay down on the mossy pillow
for I am the strength
in this forest land
and all sad trees
must now be banned…

The willow retorts
in her feathery way
that the oak is a bully
but here she will stay
to add to the beauty
of the summer skyline
with elegance and movement
and thus floutingly declined…

so the mighty oak thought
and considered the scene
and shook the willow sharply
leaving it weeping and green
but the willow was not beaten
and so began to make choke
by wrapping her lithe branches
around the old oak…

the oak was distressed
and so fell its acorns
and from each tough seed
a new oak was born
but these seedlings now understood
that harmony must forever rest
with everyone of the trees
in the depths of this forest blessed.


Nuts… Whole Hazelnuts…



A Birds Eye View From A Squirrel’s Nest!

I’m sat here high up in my dray
the forest floor seems so far away
the nuts have fallen, rich food is calling
yet high above a storm is squalling
but I daren’t leave home just yet
cos I hate it when my tail gets wet!
but if I don’t, and I surely wont
scramble down to the harvest below
my nuts will get stolen
some others gut will be swollen
and my stash will be empty, oh no!
so I quickly peek, dry route to seek
from here to harvest floor
I flit, twist and zip
missing almost every drip
until I can gather no more!
my dray is now full, and so is my belly
the rest of my stash
hid in an old smelly welly
but the nuts are dry
and now so am I
so I’ll just nestle back down
and watch the rest of the world drown
just keeping a wide open eye
for those pesky thieving magpies!

This Thirst…



I drink at your fountains of living love
proffering the fuel in liquid lucidity
resplendent in dual explicity
they feed…

my need for the quenching
opalescence a drenching
of vibrant resolution
from intimate seclusion
wrapped, enrapt in this capture
momentary, a life lived in rapture

oh bliss…
these kisses I expend
never wanting to end
milk as silk to dress the soul
ribbons streamed to unfold
untying the tide of deprivation
tongue proud for salivation
song sung, allowed from a kiss?
to breathe, infuse the infusion
see the moistness, to use a collusion
of enervation in sensation
of entwined escalation
then the food of life will flow
as waters energise to grow
new life…



Forgive this intrusion
but there seems some confusion
over the question whether
the weather is an illusion
is it really raining on my parade
reining in my ever-glades
that lay outside my window pane
my pained expression of malaise
lays in puddles on the ground
ground-in dirt all over the floor
floor not flawless any more
any more of these grey clouds
will cloud my thoughts so forever
for never again to see the suns rays
raising hope of cheer some day
day becomes night not that you’d know
no end in sight to this unwelcome guest
I guess I’ve now answered my own question?


The Unquiet…




I am the unquiet 

I am the Unquiet

tho’ you won’t ever hear me
I cause you disquiet
that’s why you fear me
safety you may seek
from the havoc I wreak
unnoticed, now I shall start..

I am your darkest thoughts
that voice in your head
you’ve never sought
whispered with dread
giving silent instruction
to your self destruction
unbidden, now ripped apart…

I am your living nightmare
hounding you night and day
with no rhyme nor reason or care
pounding a rhythm with echo and delay
reverberating through your soul
draining your sallow whole
unplugged, lifebloods depart…

I am right next door to you
watching your madness take
through your window I can view
every agonising moment I make
you feel yet feel so surreal
so here’s my final demon’s deal
unlock your heart, to my art…





Help Me!
let me lose these chains
that I wear in my head
free me from these pains
I don’t want to be dead…
or do I?

I sit here enclosed, opposed, in self
I don’t know when I last changed my clothing
it may be last night, last week, don’t care
all I think is that life’s so unfair…

I don’t want to be here
take me away from this fear
I’m repressed in depression
without reason or confession
yet you ask me to smile – so I do
even though I don’t know you
how could I when I don’t know me?

this manacle grips tighter
my head feeling lighter
yet I am free…it’s just me…

someone please lead me by the hand
tell me, make me well, to understand
pull me away from this blight
let me see some sort of light
and make sure my eyes are open
otherwise, I won’t be coping…
give me strength through your heart
I have one somewhere here too
I’m sure it’s got much to impart
but it’s buried deep with no clue…

these walls, now appal, but losing them
darkness within, sins to self-compare
self confusion, does this delusion fulfill
my own lifeblood now threatens to spill
please, hold me…?

before I fall into the abyss of my minds own
sometimes I lie still, ready for the taking
to be used, abused, self confused
of this much I’m sure I have mused
Please show me the light
Pull me close and tight
Let me see what is right
Take me away from fright
I plea…

Save me…

Is This, A Celtic Cacophony, Just Pure Lust Of A Planetary Pleasure? (Comma, Now Left, So Bereft)


On the waves of desire a fire yet to be doused a sea with peaks to aspire ride them float with tidal nuance seeking nocturnal eternal crested peaking ebb and flow as flames grow exultate to say exuberance to show swim in the saturnine rings of connection share venusial hot blooded resurrection mercurial tempest in conjoined liquidity seeping within to the sea of tranquility dance the dance and sing the tune as waves flow from neptune washing the past from the rocky shore so mother earth as lover is left bereft wanting more…

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