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I table a tablature for your temptation…




paint the words of life on the stave
with music to annotate each turn
dance to the script yet be sure to save
your love for the one that you yearn…
transcribe each desire in heartfelt symphony
a tympani to cymbal-ise your feelings
with beating heart the backing to epiphony
and the music of love is so healing…

be there and be here to hear me bare?




Devotion to a Notion…


random words in resplendant time
meanings and leanings spelt in rhyme
enquire to aspire with vocal accord
playing a saying that’s never ignored
compilation of frustration seeping out
listen or be missing, solitary shouts
ambiguety may seem fruity
juices may flow
the unanswered question
to the answer you know
if felicity and pity be drowned by your mind
then implicit simplicity is felt and signed
but the signature from a ligature
unleashes the leash
strapped, capped and without a sheath
purity bared, by soul or skin
rampant wiles shared, sensuality within
you devote, but coldly emote
every word that you provide
and when rhythmic emotions
lead to minds that collide…


A Gust Of Wind…




Morning stillness…

blessed with silent dawn

a new beginning

calm before the storm?

tranquility sanguine in sea green solemnity

early freshness of untainted morn

dew-drops glisten on budding emnities

from bud to petal to floridity new born…

a single beam of sunlight arises

rapacious in capacious new light

encompassing all poles in solar diversity

colours replendent in fragrant delight…

spiders drunk on emptied blue-bottles

in linked spun webs from stem to bloom

silence shattered by shattered shells

as frogs hunt the snails to consume…



a whisper of a wind calls upon the listening

rippling leaves as it leaves belief

a building crescendo of crisp rustling shivers

descends amongst the eclipse of the trees

by clouded skies filled with foreboding

as the storm gathers pace from afar

the whisper evolves into whistling anger

as wind and rain start to spar…

their internal fight spreads out of the ring

and savages through the idyll

battering blooms and silken connections

angry clouds throw heavy overspill

torrents of water drown the illusion

gusts make bust of the sculptured vision

flattened and fallowed, laid in confusion

nature’s beauty beaten by nature’s derision



the calm appears, the land is watered and fed

and new life will rise from those that are dead…


Rain Due Dew



a symphony auditions at my window pane
rousing crescendos to tympanic sevens
carousing innuendos unable to explain
dousing droplets fresh scent from heaven
in which I drown…

fluid expression, a painters palette knife
liquid confession in saintless form
flowing and sowing for growing all life
thunderous applause for the vibrant storm
in which we drown…


Lost Horizon…



This world failing in its own deficiencies
falling down tumbledown avenues
of stressed exposure in hidden light
lost in the humdrum of…living?
rampant revenues of blind alley driving
once allies now hidden in hatred
feeding comatose depression
through purple patches to see weed assault
a saline drip of tedium exposed
a frail sip in drought ridden waters
of life now emptied in the waste
of haste too fractious for contemplation
in depths of crimson despair
floated above grey matters immaterial
sinking in the refuse refusal of reality
pure dirt in the sky of a single breath
saddled with the weight of wanton expectancy
to wait addled with black transparity
so we see nothing, await even less
to be blessed of frailty in solo confession
so once learnt, thus never is the lesson
to sow the seeds that in darkness fail
so to the greed that is beyond the pale
a slight of hand leads to foresight lost
that might is now so weak so at what cost?
blind to the moment, deaf to the voice
touch reposessed with handcuffed choice
we taste less, hence we be tasteless
deprived of true senses one by one
now solitary and alone
forever… our lost horizon…



Our Unicorn Adorns…


Rays of dappled moonlight
dance through the forest trees
leaves rustle and sing within
held by the evening breeze…
and gliding ‘tween the ancient oaks
so silent I could’ve sworn
ploughed a vision of glimmering white
the mythical unicorn…
with mane of pure driven snow
and lionine flowing tail
it’s beauty ne’er to be surpassed
such to silence a gale…
a creature conceived by love
instead of human fears
a solitary bringer of goodness
from the darkness of tears…
and yet it can never rest
or been seen emerging
in daylight it would be hunted down
entrapped by the scent of a virgin…
in open air, pulled to the lair
and if fed from that poison bait
the unicorn’s spirallescent horn
can drain pain afore ’tis too late…
and if one day you may happen to sight
this glowing creature of night’s delight
remember this one simple request
never share the site of the unicorn nest…

The X factory… #GE2017

…our indifference is pure deference to the
incumbant’s irrelevance as the opposition
supposition is positively negative, therefore
we care for, none of the above, so when push
comes to shove we say shove all the above. No
rhyme nor reason whatever the season is there
time to reason why crime is unceasing, and
ceasing to increase the deceasing security,
increasing the seizures of the scared
normality, leads to the process of voting
formality, when no one is worth their place
in principality, and principals are lost in
the mists of time and time is missed to
resurrect this land, as land is money and
wealth is built underhand, and the hand that
feeds no longer can reach, and those that
preach no longer can teach, and so with these
words I finally beseech, please ignore the
massed MSM missives and vote with your heart’s belief…




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